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Holly & Charlie

Those of us who were at the concert last evening couldn't believe the talent the 4 musicians had, You wouldn't hear anything better even in Radio City Music Hall. It was an evening of pure listening pleasure. Charlie Baggett, at age 15 is another Josh Groban and Holly has a voice and presentation that is hard to believe comes from a 17 year old. Those of you who were unable to attend, you missed something truly "special". Let's hope they return again and we can pack the house. Thank you RMCC for presenting this fine concert,

Jerry Pasek

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Holly Stell

Breathtaking vocals last night.  What a wonderful performance in a premiere venue.  I would hope we have Holly, her pianist, Charlie Baggett and Carlos Reyes back again soon.  She brought tears to many eyes in the audience.  What a refreshing night of music again in a perfect setting. Great going Marvin as always for attracting top notch talent and exposing Rancho Murieta to the Arts.

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Yes I was one of them

Yes the vocals were amazing and Carlos' instrumentals were fantastic and enjoyed his funny stories.    I too had tears in my eyes when Holly & Charlie sang, I believe it was, The Prayer which Josh Groban has sung with Charlotte Church.   But it wasn't until Holly sang Somewhere Over The Rainbow, that's when the tears started just rolling down my cheeks.   Wow!

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Holly & Charlie



Several of we former House members would have probably been there if the Club had not of invoked the additional Minimum..  How come youall did that??  Might help if it were retracted!! 

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Holly Stell

On behalf of Holly, Charlie, Jennifer and Carlos, I would like to extend their appreciation to RMCC for the gracious hospitality.  In addition, the group was blown away by the reaction of the audience's standing ovations and would love to come back again.

On a personal note, I would like to thank everybody that turned out in the bad weather and thank the club for allowing me to bring such wonderfully talented young artists to Rancho Murieta.  And, it was equally gratifying to see so many young faces in our audience during a night that marked our first annual "Family Holiday Concert".

Happy Holidays!

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