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The hill north of the Escuela gate will be lowered seven feet.

Safety improvements are coming for Stonehouse Road, Sacramento County announced late Monday, which will enable the Rancho Murieta Association to open the Escuela gate without having to fund the expensive road improvements.

County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan, who represents the area, said the project, costing $515,000,  would eliminate the hump north of Escuela Drive, lowering it by seven feet, and enable sight lines safe enough for the in-and-out traffic of a gate.

“When RMA General Manager Greg Vorster first approached my office regarding this matter, I thought it would be many years before the county would be in a position to complete this project,” MacGlashan said in the announcement. Instead, it’s being funded in the Department of Transportation’s budget for the current fiscal year, with plans to begin construction next summer.

Vorster said the RMA has been meeting semi-regularly with MacGlashan and her staff, and he praised their interest in the project.  “Ted Wolter (MacGlashan’s chief of staff) and Roberta really have been stellar in this,” he said.

Vorster said there will be a gate, but it’s up to the RMA and Community Services District boards to determine whether it’s a passive gate, with some form of security but no staffing, or a staffed gate, like the present North and South gates.

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Passive Gate...not so secure

Problem with a passive gate, that is if I understand what a passive gate is...when we were looking to buy up in Sac. County we looked at some other gated communities. Well the Realtor would just "tail gate" behind another car to get into a community. So....not so gated...not so secure/safe... Think about it...

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Comments from Facebook...

Some comments from RanchoMurieta.com's Facebook page:

Jennifer Wagley Eathorne We lived in Serrano in El Dorado Hills before moving here. Those passive gates are do not provide security in the way that a staffed gate does. People would constantly just wait for someone else to Polin and then drive right in behind them. So we say a staffed gate for sure.

Kellie Valdez Staffed- can't have front gate guarded and back gate passive-

Michelle Delaney Ravencroft Staffed!

Makayla Oei Staffed!!!

Nina Castro Sherman Can't have passive gates! Staffed gates will prevent theft amongst other issues! For those of us that use Stone House on a daily basis it would be great!

Michelle Delaney Ravencroft Passive gates are a false sense of security!

Wyatt Gaylor I think we should just use it for special events. If the road is improved we could do so without needing special permits or hiring CHP. This would help for events like Summerfest, 4th of July etc.


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Passive gate

As a retired Real Estate Appraiser, I can personally tell everyone that a passive gate is worthless. I have NEVER failed to gain entry to a community with a passive gate, even those with key pads, and was only questioned once in over 8 years by a resident. Staffed or no gate. Otherwise make all gates passive because secutity will be totally comprised and why have the expense of staffing.

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Security Costs

Perhaps this event will finally stimulate a discussion in the community about how much security we want and how much we are willing to pay for that service. The new gate would provide significant savings in time, fuel costs and driving emission impacts if it were to be properly implemented. It could be an exit only gate, it could be restricted to twelve hours of use per day or it could be restricted to staffing during the workweek or special events. It is all a matter of how much we are willing to spend.

The CSD expenditure for security increases only minimally each year because it is controlled by a bond issue we passed here many years ago. In fact, the money spent to upgrade the security equipment at the new gate was borrowed from the CSD General Fund. We ask security to do more and more. Without a new bond issue or the injection of new developer payments, we cannot expect any expansion of security services. 

I suggest we have a discussion about what we really want. Do,we want a thousand cameras? Do we want more patrol? Do we want a second, fully staffed gate? Perhaps it is time for the CSD and RMA to ask the community how they would like to spend this money. It's also time to evaluate the long term impact of new development on the existing roads and gate and see how a new gate fits into that plan.

Without this dialog, an ad hoc committee of directors on both boards decides what is good for us. It has been several years since anyone has really looked at the big picture on this issue. The good news of county assistance on this project is just what we need to stimulate that discussion.

Thanks are due to Supervisor MacGlashan for her help with the funding of this improvement. 

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"New Gate Gate"

for what it's worth...the road improvements are good just in general. Many in our community use that portion of road, and regardless of the "new gate" or not, I'm glad to see that stretch become safer.

However, the passive gate (on the face of it) does not seem like a good option at all.

There is way too much time for a gate to remain open for unfettered access. On such a dark corner of the community, that's not a good idea...and eleventy-billion cameras won't solve the problem.

I hate to legislate anything based on worst case scenario, but anyone who has tried to get into a gated community (even as well intentioned as any) will  take advantage of the "two cars for one" method.

Because of that, I'd favor an "exit only" for a passive gate (at most). I think that will make things MUCH better on those weekends with large scale events with an exit from Stonehouse rather than have them meander (okay, speed) down the Guadlupe and Pera raceways.

That said, there will be those people that say "meet me at the back gate and I'll get you in" or there will be cars that just sit there waiting for a car to leave, and leapfrog in. If either of those scenarios can be elinminated, or at least greatly reduced,  I'm all for using that gate for exit only.

Once the kinks get worked out for exit only, then move on to gate entry. But if the exit problems turn out to be too great, then just use the gate for special events (while manned) and save the pennies/headaches.

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Facebook comments, Part 2

More from Facebook:

Robin Albee-Kesich Need more information! Has technology improved, or is this a new way for the uninvited to enter ?!

Taylor Bailey Johnson Staffed gate for sure

Taylor Chavez staffed

Jackie Nellist Harwood Staffed for sure. How is this gate more dangerous than attempting to turn left onto Jackson from Stonehouse now?

Sandi Trent Last Thursday I watched a gentleman in a white van who was ahead of me go past the first left-hand gate then turn left onto Lago, when he realized there was a 2nd gate, he made a u-turn at the turnabout, saw me pull up and he flipped around and attempted to come in behind me. I had already passed the call box so I just went past the gate and stopped so he couldn't follow me before the gate dropped down. I've seen numerous attempts by drivers without bar codes who try to come in the unmanned gates at Lago already.

Lynda Castle Staffed!

Terre Sadosky I think leaving access the way it is is preferable. Just use the gate for special events or for security. We don't need anymore access points into the community.

Rick Fitzsimmons Easy to get in a staffed get our security is very week. The answer is not always throwing money at it. Although staffed, couldn't a drive behind happen at the front gate.

Lisa Lynn Siebert I think if it's a barcode (unstaffed) gate, and people are watchful and don't allow non-bar coded traffic to dash in behind (people there's no security in the world that can handle every situation--we have to be watchful and careful too,) then it seem...See More

Dawn Lindner Staffed.

Alli Banks Staffed

Glenda Johnson Chavez Seriously? Staffed ONLY! Thumbs down to passive.

Chris Tierney Passive gate works if the new gate is like our gate going on Lago which opens and closes quickly and only for bar code.

Chris Tierney Staffed means increased fees too, but if that's what the community wants, that should be the course. With new homes going in, I guess proactive security with staff is a good thing to have in place.

Randy Stringer Staffed and then build a pool.

Debbie Alires-Kolmodin Holy moly!! All this does is open us up for riff raffin in the hood!! Bad enough we have people coming in by the droves during July 4th and Summerfest! Willy nilling it up and down the streets. I've seen visitor vehicles litter in our streets!
I love here for the peace and quiet not to have whoever and whatever cruising around. If I wanted that iI would save myself money and live in a tract home in the Bay Area and not pay monthly fee for security!! Enough said!!!!!!

Sandi Trent Just happened to me again, a car coming from the direction of the guards shack turned right into Lago, no bar code, couldn't get in the gate so we had to back up so the driver could back up and pull out of the turnabout. I guess if you get turned away at the staffed gate you try the unmanned gate. Also, why wasn't the intercom placed prior to the turnabout, the way it sits now, if a non-resident is blocking the entrance and there's 2 or 3 vehicles waiting behind, I think the guards only option is to open the gate and let them in since there's no place for them to turn around outside of the community.

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Stonehouse news a surprise to CSD

Darlene Gillum, general manager of the Community Services District, which oversees the Security operation, said Monday's announcement was news to the CSD. "We're surprised," she said Tuesday, adding that the board has only discussed the gate possibility in general terms because the Stonehouse work didn't seem likely anytime soon.

The issue won't be discussed at Wednesday's CSD board meeting either, since the announcement didn't occur in time to meet the advance-notice requirements of the meeting agenda.

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Security Increases

"The CSD expenditure for security increases only minimally each year because it is controlled by a bond issue we passed here many years ago."

Actually, security increases are limited under CA State Proposition 218, and anything over a certain percentage does require a vote.  Part of the drainage(?) fees are too.  I *think* that stuff that we are allowed to deduct on our income taxes are what is limited by Prop. 218.

When I first moved here (over 20 years ago), CSD was really good about keeping increases low, and they prided themselves on that.  They were a bit too zealous, and got caught needing more money, and had to raise fees quite a bit once, and when they experienced how angry the community became at the increase, they changed their policy and I believe that each year since then they have raised what they charge as a matter of principle.

I *thought* I read something awhile back about Director Pasek mentioning the need to take to the community a vote for a larger increase in security.  Personally, I say ditch the cameras - I don't think we need them, I think they were pushed by people that thought their friends would make some money off the deal (forgetting about the open bid process required by governments), and it's attractive if someone is selling houses.  I think the grand scale that is planned is intrusive and unnecessary, not to mentioned the invasion of privacy.  LOL, if you want to know people's business around here, and who is sleeping with whom, my previous experience tells me that the security folks know all that stuff already....


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Facebook comments, Part 3

A new angle in posts from Facebook:

Heather Kraft Staffed or not at all being that it's right at the park. So many kids, someone could snag one and be gone in seconds.

Jennifer Wagley Eathorne I should clarify my earlier post...we prefer staffed IF the gate must happen. What we really prefer is that the gate not be opened! This is an absolutely awful place to put a community entrance. It is right next to the largest park facilities and just completely changes the safety of that area for children and families. I sure hope they do not open up this gate!

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Gate runners

For those who think that a gate like Lago will work for Stonehouse, think about the people (residents included) who have broken the gate arm. You think some wimpy little arm is going to stop a vehicle that wants to get in?

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CSD Security Tax

I would like to clarify some misinformation regarding the CSD Security Special Tax.  The CSD Security Special Tax was introduced by a ballot initiative, Measure J, in 1998 (Measure K was introduced at the same time and dealt with Drainage Special Taxes).  The maximum annual increase, per Measure J, is limited to 2%. As of 2010 special taxes and fees fall under Proposition 26, which requires a 2/3 vote on any increase to special taxes and fees (Proposition 218 requires only a majority vote and applies to property related fees such as water, sewer, and trash).


Darlene Gillum
General Manager, Rancho Murieta Community Services District

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Darlene, thank you for

Darlene, thank you for clarifying my mistake. I seem to have forgotten more than I remember about the propositions - I'll check before I post next time and not rely on my memory! Thanks again. I appreciate that CSD will now respond and clarify these things online, contrary to previous policy.

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Stonehouse Road improvements

I think the major discussion here should be how much we as a community appreciate the efforts put forth by Supervisor MacGlashan and her chief of staff, Ted Wolter. Improving the road benefits not only our community but also everyone who uses that road as a means to get to Folsom and/or Highway 50. Pleae remember, this is a county road and not a private RM road.

Discussing whether or not we will open the gate and whether it will be manned or passive is a completely separate issue. With road completion done in  a year or so, there is plenty of time to talk about it and, MOST importantly, where the money will come from. Manning another gate 24/7 is big bucks, folks. The Security fund (in the overall budget) rarely, if ever, budgets for reserves so anything new has to come from soomeplace. Developer fees, in and of themselves, cannot cover that cost.

I would think starting on a small scale, as in the exit only for July 4th visitors, is a way to start. Perhaps a passive exit-only gate for those commuting to Folsom would be next, but none of these things will happen overnight and we do not have the money.

CSD has borrowed every penny it can ("interfund" tansfers) to get the WTP funded and payback is a ways off.

Bobbi Belton

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Stonehouse Improvements

I appreciate the effort by Supervisor MacGlashan and her staff for their efforts to engage with our community.   I have owed our lot here for 34 years and lived here since retiring  24 years ago.....we finally have someone looking out for Rancho Murieta.


The over 2300 lot and home owners out here send a lot of money to the County thru our Real Estate Tax Assesments....if my bill is any indication, my guess is in the neighborhood of $8 to $9 million per year.....in total.  

What do they provide for this tax money assessment.....we have our own security, have our own parks system, our own sports fields, maintain our own roads, pay them to ....allow us to pay someone else to pick up our garbage, have to wait for police power protection because we are " too far away",   pay a yearly special extra assesment so they do not shut down our local fire station...etc, etc , etc....

So while we all appreciate the coming road improvement........AGAIN IT'S ABOUT TIME




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