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The Community Services District introduced new Security Chief Paul Wagner at Friday’s Security Committee meeting – his 10th day on the job and the fifth working without his predecessor.

General Manager Darlene Gillum explained that Wagner got the job because of his “combination of law enforcement and private security background. That stood out in the interview process.” She added, “He has got a confident but easygoing personality. I think that’s going to fit well within the department.”

Paul Wagner

Paul Wagner, the new security chief, talks about his background. Click for larger image.

His security experience means “our security is nothing new to him,” Gillum said. He replaces Greg Remson, who retired after 32 years with the department.

Here are the key points from Wagner’s resume:

  • He told the committee he was born in Oakland and raised in El Cerrito. He went to St. Mary’s College and worked as intern for the U.S. Marshal’s Service.
  • He worked as a police officer in Mill Valley for two years, then as police officer in Richmond for almost five years.
  • Subsequently he worked for Target as “loss prevention manager,” he said, handling stores in Fairfield, Vallejo and Napa. He said he handled strategies for camera installations for the new stores. “We did everything,” he said. “It was great experience.”
  • He moved to Sacramento in 2006 and went to work for Downtown Plaza as director of security for five years.  “When I came in, the team that was there was not functioning well, to put it mildly,” he said. “So I think I got rid of about 40 people in two months and hired new people and new supervisors.”
  • He then became security manager for Lotus Casino, a cardroom on Stockton Boulevard.
  • After two years there, last November he became site security supervisor for Micron Technology, with operations in Milpitas, Santa Clara and Folsom.

As for his new job, he said,  “I do not plan on leaving – ever. I plan on retiring here, just to let everybody know. That’s my plan.”

Wagner has been married for 16 years and has a 10-year-old son. They live in Carmichael.

In an exchange with Director Mike Martel about dealing with kids and the trouble they can cause, Wagner said, “Our job is to observe and report. I just want to pass information on to adults in dealing with kids and juveniles and handing them over to parents. In my 18, 19 years (of police and security work), sometimes, shockingly, bad kids come from bad parents. I’ve had parents blame me for their child stealing a car and getting in a car chase.”

Martel and Director Betty Ferraro said they want Wagner to hold a town hall meeting to get to meet the community.

In other business...

On July 26, Wagner said, Security investigated a report of a person the previous night shooting an arrow across Jackson Road at a deer. The incident occurred near the Country Store, Wagner said. Security identified a suspect, and the identity was passed along to the state Department of Fish and Wildlife, he said. Security retrieved the bow and arrow, he said, adding that the deer was not hit. Ferraro said the bow and arrow were more a toy than a hunting weapon.

Wagner told the committee he would create an online map of incidents in the community. “Just trying to come up with a good format, and also maybe filters or what we want to put on it,” he said. “Or how we’d like it to look. And then how we use that information going forward, as a tool.” The map was requested by Martel last year as a means of identifying trouble hot spots.

Martel said he wants a departmental conversation about guns and related policies. He pointed to a couple of Security incidents – the at-gunpoint arrest of an 18-year-old Murietan in February 2015 after the man allegedly made threats with an AR-15 rifle and the arrest of a 25-year-old man last April after he crashed his car and fought with a Security officer. Some policies were introduced to address the drawing of weapons, Martel said, but he worries that Security hasn’t applied them uniformly. Wagner expressed a belief that caution is required when dealing with firearms. If one is drawn on the job, it should require a detailed memo explaining why, he said. He added he’s working with Murietan Bill McCarver, who owns a firearms-instruction company and has volunteered to help Security with basic firearms instruction.

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Speed Limit

Welcome to the neighborhood. I have a suggestion for your first project.

For the safety of our residents, please try have the speed limit lowered between the North and South gates on Jackson Highway.  Also, there should be Deer Crossing signs posted in this same area. There have been many car accidents and deer killed between the two gates. 

Much Thanks


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