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→ Meeting agenda plus study and survey results

Taking its first steps to address a Security study started 18 months ago, the Community Services District board will hold a special meeting 4 p.m. Thursday at the CSD Building to discuss how to implement the study's action plan. The CSD expects a larger community meeting will follow.

CSD General Manager Mark Martin said it’s hoped the Rancho Murieta Association will be part of the larger meeting. “The meeting (Thursday) was requested by a board member to have a full board discussion on providing initial direction to staff instead of just (discussing it with) the Security Committee,” he wrote in an email. ”It is a precursor to an expected larger joint board meeting of the CSD/RMA that will be well advertised and held in a much larger venue.”

Thursday’s meeting packet contains a summary of the Security study done last year by Burns & McDonnell of Kansas City, Missouri. The company’s price for the study was $49,350, and CSD had considerable back and forth with Burns & McDonnell over perceived shortcomings in the work.

The packet’s version of the study is the same that was released at a Security Committee meeting last April. In addition to the study, there was also a survey that polled 440 Murietans.

In the months since the Burns & McDonnell work, CSD directors have made a repeated point that the findings show Murietans want more Security service but aren’t willing to pay more.

For example, one survey question asked how much more you would be willing to pay in a special tax to support and maintain security cameras, one of the least expensive approaches to expanding Security. “Nothing” was selected by 40 percent of respondents. (And 40 percent said they were willing to pay 5 percent more.)

There were contradictory answers too. Full-time staffing of the Escuela Drive gate, if it is opened, was favored by 55.6 percent of respondents, while 52.5 percent said they wouldn’t pay more because the gate doesn’t need to be opened. Fifty-four percent strongly or somewhat agreed that Security officers should have police powers, while 44.9 percent said they wouldn’t pay more for that because the officers shouldn’t have police powers.

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One of the things I got out of the meeting is that    SECURITY CAN ONLY "OBSERVE & REPORT", THEY CAN DO NOTHING ELSE.......Call the Sheriff.....Right now we are a very low priority because nothing happens out here, to quote a sheriff form the Coffee with a Cop meeting.  Security has been asking for the bushes that face the lake at the parking lot near the gazebo to be cut down.....this is not being done......the children do wrong and security run over and they hide in the bushes and get away......Plant something low there.  A friend had her tail light broken after speaking with the sheriff as a witness after I had things stolen.....the cameras were down in the North Gate Security entry so the damages was not on camera.......they were NOT fixed until days later......why?.....this should be a HIGH PRIORITY ESPECIALLY AFTER  VANDALISM HAD BEEN REPORTED.  SECURITY CAN ONLY OBSERVE AND REPORT......they cannot do anything else.......CALL THE SHERIFF FIRST..... 1-916-874-5115 press ZERO.... If you have an emergency, they can NOT speed to your house.....Security has their hands tied behind their back.....Let the sheriff know how much is happening out here so we can get there help!   Insurance can NOT replace things stolen that have great sentiment from your husband, children or your mom and dad.       

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