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Blood drive

Neighbor Amy Skaggs makes a donation, with BloodSource's Christopher Kunze lending a hand, at Monday's blood drive at St. Vincent DePaul Catholic Church on Cantova Way. Skaggs' donation puts her at one gallon in lifetime contributions. Northern California is in extreme need of blood, according to BloodSource, the region's blood center. The drive is sponsored by the Women's Club and St. Vincent DePaul.

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Results of Women's Club blood drive

Bonnie Kirschman, one of the Women's Club blood drive chairs, shared the results of this week's drive:

"113 registered
"Six first-time donors
"And ... 97 pints collected!"

She writes, "They had given us a goal of 68 pints, so we beat that big time! ...  Blood Source also said that this was the largest turnout not associated with a drive supporting a local patient."

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Blood Drive - great job

That was awesome to read! There is a huge need for blood and with 97 units collected, 291 potential lives were saved!  Yea!  Great job !!

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