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KalimbaIf you were alive in the ‘70s and had a radio, you know the hits of Earth Wind & Fire, and you probably danced to them, because they are so danceable. A band called Kalimba, the Spirit of Earth, Wind & Fire rolls into Lake Clementia Amphitheater Saturday night, part of the Entertainment, Theatre & Culture summer season.

Lead vocalist Thomas “Chazz” Smith created the 10-piece Kalimba in 2011 to honor the Earth Wind & Fire hits he listened to growing up.  Kalimba captures EWF’s infectious grooves and soaring vocal harmonies.

Ticket giveaway

Kalimba has played across the nation at music festivals, state fairs, casinos and clubs. The show includes all the EWF hits: “September,” “Shining Star,” “Boogie Wonderland,” “After the Love Has Gone,” “Let's Groove,” “That's the Way of the World,” “Devotion,” ”Reasons,” “Sing a Song” and more.

The show, part of the Entertainment, Theatre & Culture season of music, begins at 8:30 p.m. Tickets are $25 for members and $35 for non-members. There’s a $5 surcharge for tickets bought at the door. There’s more information about tickets and ETC here.

Here's a video preview of the show:

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My 25 year old daughter will

My 25 year old daughter will be home this weekend with a friend and I am looking forward to sharing some of my teenage music with her -  and we all love to dance!  Great bonding moment, don't you think?

Bev Garland (916) 508-1494


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Another fun night by the lake in RM! School starts back up this week so looking forward to some last minute summer fun! 

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Earth, Wind & Fire - brings

Earth, Wind & Fire - brings back fond junior high school memories! Love to see a new generation appreciate them (-:

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Brings back memories when I

Brings back memories when I was only 18 years old....My very first concert was Earth, Wind & Fire at the Oakland Coliseum.  What a first time concert experience, the best concert I ever went to. Still love all of their music. 

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Our ETC is the best!

Love the concerts!

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Earth, Wind, and Fire! Can't wait!

Thank you, ETC, for bringing top talent and great entertainment to our beautiful community!

Jenn Weir

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ETC Concert

Looking forward to another wonderful evening by the Lake!

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There has been 16 great years of concerts! Great way to fire up the weekend!


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Loved to see the concert

Been here 11+ years and haven't made it to a show yet. I'd love to win some tickets and enjoy the show with the family and our great neighbors.

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ETC Rocks!

We're looking forward to another beautiful evening under the stars, listening to great music while surrounded by good friends! Thank you ETC!

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ETC Brings it !!

Saturday Night behind the gates, in front of the lakes, listening to a little "Shining Star" !  How can you beat this place!

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The winner of concert tickets...

...is Tony Goularte! Tony, drop an email to editor@ranchomurieta.com and we'll arrange to deliver the four tickets to you. Congratulations! Hope you enjoy the show.

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Thank you for the tickets!

Looking forward to the show!

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