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Red square Gallery: 47 photos of the crowd and the show

A multi-part fly-by from a star-studded plane named Miss America provided a patriotic and dramatic start to the doubleheader ETC concert at Lake Clementia Saturday night. Rocking’ Down the Hiway put the crowd in a holiday frame of mind and filled the dance floor with a tribute to the Doobie Brothers that included 1970s hits “Listen to the Music,” “China Grove,” and “Jesus is Just Alright.” The Rising, below, a Bruce Springsteen tribute band, kept the energy going, starting its set with “Born in the U.S.A.” and never letting up. The band evoked the personalities of the E Street Band through a selection of iconic hits, and interacted with the dancers who surged to the edge of the stage. Click photos for larger images.

Springsteen tribute

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