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Tainted Love

Red square Gallery: 33 photos of the crowd and the performance

How much richer are our summers since the arrival of Entertainment, Theatre & Culture 13 years ago? It’s tough to say goodbye to another season of music, but as soon as Saturday night’s season-ending show got under way at Lake Clementia Amphitheater, you knew the crowd of 1,100-plus was in for a good evening. There were pleasant temperatures, a full moon rising over the lake and Tainted Love bringing back the music of the ‘80s.  The Bay Area-based band opened with Bruce Springsteen, Madonna, Van Halen, Whitney Houston and John Mellencamp -- and the dance floor was positively jammed, the biggest dance turnout of the season. ETC also awarded its 2015 scholarship, $2,000, to Ajuney Hora, who won the group’s essay contest with a piece about the magic of music, especially fitting on this night.

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Thanks ETC

ETC really out did themselves this summer! but Tainted Love was hands down my favorite... I never thought it'd get better than Jay White as Neil Diamond... but it did!  I dont think I've ever seen such a packed Lake Clementia!  Please bring back Tainted Love! 

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Thank you for another wonderful season ETC

I'd like to extend my thanks to all of the ETC volunteers for bringing us another fantastic concert season.  We are so very fortunate to have these concerts available right in our backyard and really appreciate the effort and time you take to make that happen. 

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