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Kiefer artwork

Bill (Birdman) Gengler offered this photo and info Tuesday: "Thought you might enjoy seeing the Keifer Road picture of the flooded bumps today.  It's the area after you take a right turn off Jackson Road. The creek and its surrounding farmland are flooded like a lake from Latrobe Road to Sloughhouse. The county has put up flooded signs in the area. I just like the scene." Click for larger image.

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Wow, Bill.  I love your bird pictures, but this is fabulous.  I love driving this stretch of Kiefer.  Too bad the county messed up your shot with those bump signs.  Still, just gorgeous!

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Kiefer Road Picture

Bill, the colors you captured in this picture are beautiful and reflective of & on the water!

Very Nice as always!  Thank you for sharing your photography talents with us!!

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