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Happy new year! Thank you, Rancho Murieta, for 2015, and here’s looking forward to a great 2016. Some of you deserve special thanks.

We’re very grateful to readers who call us when they see news. We're a small operation, and calls from you are the primary way we learn of breaking news. We’re very grateful that you let us know.

Don’t assume someone else will tell us. Our phone is 354-3916. Our email is editor@ranchomurieta.com. Please let us hear from you.

And thank you to the advertisers who support RanchoMurieta.com.  You make it possible for the community to be well (and promptly) informed about things that matter to Murieta.

When you deal with these companies, let them know you saw their message here and you appreciate that they make the site possible.


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I am very grateful for your website!

Happy New Year to you both!! I am very grateful that you have this very informative and useful website for our community. Thank you for all you both do!!

Myrna Solomon

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Thank you RM.com

I agree with Myrna.....we are also very grateful for this site...always informative and keeps us in the know about our community.

We wish you both a very Happy New Year


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DITTO....really can't add anymore to what has already been posted except THANK YOU

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Just joined today! Although

Just joined today! Although I've read postings on this site from time to time and it's all been very interesting! So I'll just say ....Hi y'all!! And the rain is coming... Doing my happy dance!! ☔️☔️☔️

Debbie Kolmodin

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