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Boundary Court

These Boundary Court decorations were a worthy winner for sure.

Red square Lights map: Tour the 15 winning homes

The Rancho Murieta Association announced the 2015 winners of its holiday lights contest this week, honoring 10 repeat winners and a handful of first-timers.

Following are the winners, announced at Tuesday night’s RMA board meeting. Each household won a $50 VISA gift card and a yard sign declaring the home a lights winner.

Multi-year winners

The multi-year winners gathered for a group photo after accepting their awards.

Multi-year winners

  • Doug and Randee Ross, 15576 Topspin Way
  • Erik and Terri Foster, 7491 Verona Drive
  • Chris and Kelly Akin, 6801 Brisa Lane
  • Jim and Lisa Teague, 7500 Linksman Court
  • Melissa Lang, Martin & Michele Morey, 7524 Colbert Drive
  • Israel Mendoza, 15294 Murieta South Parkway
  • Mark and Janice Sutherland, 6232 Puerto Drive
  • Tom and Bonnie Shewchuk, 14925 Trinidad Drive
  • Jeff and Brenda Alexander, 14812 Guadalupe Drive
  • Debbie Corey, 7552 Callaway Drive

2015 winners

The 2015 winners posed for a group shot too.

2015 winners

  • Theron Naffziger, 6539 Rio Oso Drive
  • Brad and Lisa Wiese, 6538 Via Sereno
  • Zack and Kristina Bowman, 15464 Boundary Court
  • George Hannum and Ginny Macko, 6458 Via del Cerrito
  • Bill and Laurie Griffith, 6518 Rio Oso Drive

Accepting their awards...

Here are the neighbors who accepted awards at the RMA meeting:

Theron Naffziger

Winner: Theron Naffziger

Lisa Wiese

Winners: Brad and Lisa Wiese

Zack and Kristina Bowman

Winners: Zack and Kristina Bowman


Winners: George Hannum and Ginny Macko

Bill and Laurie Griffith

Winners: Bill and Laurie Griffith

Doug and Randee Ross

Winners: Doug and Randee Ross

Chris and Kelly Akin

Winners: Chris and Kelly Akin

Jim and Lisa Teague

Winners: Jim and Lisa Teague

Melissa Lang, Martin and Michele Morey

Winners: Melissa Lang, Martin and Michele Morey

Mark and Janice Sutherland

Winners: Mark and Janice Sutherland

Jeff and Brenda Alexander

Winners: Jeff and Brenda Alexander

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