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July 4 is the day in Rancho Murieta, when many of us are entertaining friends and family, getting out early and staying out late. Whether you're a runner, a cart decorator, a bounce-house bouncer or a fireworks fan, the day has something for you. Here's everything you need to know:

July 4 schedule

Pancake Breakfast

7-9:30 a.m., North Gazebo
Pancakes, scrambled eggs, sausage, juice and coffee.
Buy tickets in advance at RM Business Center and RMA. $5 for adults, children under 6 are free.

Best Hat Contest. Registration: 6:30-8 a.m.; judging: 8:25 a.m.; awards ceremony: 8:35 a.m.
Sponsored by the Kiwanis Club

36th annual Fun Run

Adults: 5K run begins 7:30 a.m. at North Gazebo

Children: Run begins at 8:15 a.m. at North Gazebo

No prior sign-up required. Information: John McNamee, 354-2258

Sponsored by Murieta Health Club

Parade on Murieta Parkway

Line-up time 9-9:30 a.m. at Murieta Parkway and De La Cruz
Parade start: 10 a.m.

New parade route: Parade will proceed down parkway to Marr Drive, where it will turn and then loop behind the RMA Building and onto Murieta Parkway
Contact: Danise Hetland, RMA, 354-3500
Sponsored by Rancho Murieta Association

Carnival at Lake Clementia

Starts immediately after parade

Games, jump house, slip ‘n’ slide – wristbands $5. Free hot dogs for kids. Root beer floats $2. Snow-cones $2, sponsored by Boy Scouts.
Contact: April Mattice, 354-8520, or Melinda Martel, 354-0566
Sponsored by Rancho Murieta Optimist Club

Music at the Gazebo
7-9 p.m.
Sponsored by Rancho Murieta Association

Fireworks at Laguna Joaquin
9:30 p.m.

Sponsored by Rancho Murieta Association

July 4 rules

Pick up your guest gate passes and get them to your guests in advance of the Fourth. You can have five free passes per lot, then the cost is $5 per pass. All guests must have a pass or be on the resident’s guest list. You can pick up passes at the RMA Building through Friday from 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

A few no-no’s:

  • The RMA says no place-holding blankets should be placed in common area before 7 p.m. Sunday. No plastic or tarps are allowed at all, as they kill the grass.
  • Events are open only to RMA members and their guests. Guests must be accompanied by the member who invited them.
  • Golf carts must stay on the path around Laguna Joaquin. There’s no parking on the path or grass.

Fireworks safety

  • Keep pets safe and secure inside your home so they don’t become frightened by the sound of fireworks and run away. Leave pets at home if you are going to the fireworks display.
  • All safe and sane fireworks must bear the state fire marshal's seal.
  • Have an adult present when safe and sane fireworks are to be used by children.
  • Always have a bucket of water for disposing of fireworks.
  • Always have a hose connected to water available in case of fire.
  • It is illegal to sell, give or deliver dangerous fireworks to anyone under 18 years of age.
  • It is illegal to point or throw a dangerous firework into a crowd or at people.
  • If fireworks explode or leave the ground, they’re illegal in California.
  • Do not use fireworks near dry grass or other flammable materials.
  • Do not use fireworks while under a canopy, covered balcony, covered patio or under a tree or bushes.
  • Never attempt to relight or "fix" fireworks.
  • The sale and use of fireworks ends 10 p.m. July 4.

Water safety

  • Never leave a child alone in or near the pool or spa -- even for a second. During large gatherings, where there are a number of distractions and hazards, make particularly sure that children who are swimming or who are near a pool are watched constantly by a trained adult.
  • Access to the pool or spa should be limited by locked doors and gate whenever swimming or soaking cannot be supervised.
  • Keep toys, particularly tricycles or wheel toys, away from the pool or spa. A child playing with these could accidentally fall into the water.
  • Do not allow anyone of any age to swim without a "spotter" nearby.
  • Have poolside phones and rescue equipment, such as a long-handled hook and a ring buoy with a rope.
  • All non-swimmers should wear approved personal floating devices when they are near water.
  • Swimming lessons do not insure safety. About 25 percent of all young drowning victims have had swimming lessons. A child who falls into water unexpectedly will panic and forget his/her swimming skills.

In a river or lake

  • Always supervise your children in and around water.
  • California law requires anyone under 12 to wear a life jacket while on a boat.
  • Never swim alone.
  • Look before you leap.
  • Drinking and swimming is just as dangerous as drinking and driving.

Pet safety

  • Resist the urge to take your pet to fireworks displays.
  • Do not leave your pet in the car. With only hot air to breathe inside a car, your pet can suffer serious health effects – even death – in a few short minutes. Partially opened windows do not provide sufficient air, but they do provide an opportunity for your pet to be stolen.
  • Keep your pets indoors at home in a sheltered, quiet area. Some animals can become destructive when frightened, so be sure that you've removed any items that your pet could destroy or that would be harmful to your pet if chewed. Leave a television or radio playing at normal volume to keep him company while you're attending Fourth of July picnics, parades, and other celebrations.
  • If you know that your pet is seriously distressed by loud noises like thunder, consult with your veterinarian before July 4th for ways to help alleviate the fear and anxiety he or she will experience during fireworks displays.
  • Never leave pets outside unattended, even in a fenced yard or on a chain. In their fear, pets who normally wouldn't leave the yard may escape and become lost, or become entangled in their chain, risking injury or death.
  • Make sure your pets are wearing identification tags so that if they do become lost, they can be returned promptly. Animals found running at-large should be taken to the local animal shelter, where they will have the best chance of being reunited with their owners.

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Rancho Murieta Fourth of July Events

Ralph and Karen, Great splash on the Rancho Murieta Fourth of July events, as always; arguably the biggest event of the year. And we know the wrap will be even more entertaining and informative. Thanks again.

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Best Hat Contest July 4th

Join RM Kiwanis for Breakfast. Enter to win trophies for: Best Paper Hat, Best Team of Hats, Best Hat 10 and under, Craziest, Most Patriotic and Best of All (this winner gets name on large perpetual trophy). Wear any hat to enter luckiest. Registration $3.00 family of team of the three or more $7.00

Winners announced at 8:30. Judges Needed. Call Carol 916 747-3206. See you there

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