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Pope Richard Hottell took first place for the individual costume at Friday night's Halloween party at the Country Club. Hottell said he likes to do costuming with his kids and grandkids, though this was his first time as pope. Steve and Brenda Booth, below, made a prize-winning couple as the Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood. The winners, chosen by the crowd's applause, each got $50. (Click for larger images.)

Wolf and Little Red Riding Hood

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Photo of Pope' A pope"

No doubt Richard Hottell brings the fun of Halloween to the season party, thus the photo of his portrayal of "a pope", high humor at this Halloween (pretend) time. Yet how ludicrous and how unknowing and ignorant the photo and timing – just for some jocular fun on RM.com; photoed with a glass of celebration -- when much of the Catholic Christian world, including a ton of RM neighbors, reel from the current and well publicized betrayal by some of the valued and most trusted of leaders, all graphically arrayed in the public realm. No happy, laughing matter here. Would that a more insightful and knowing understanding could have discerned the obvious affront. Sadly, RM.com chose to print this photo and text. So, regrettably the blame goes further than the mere ignorance of the guy in costume. In apology, perhaps a review of all the great and good works that have benefited the world by the Catholic Church -- for some 2,000 years, under the leadership of several Popes admittedly not all "great" -- would be in order. Thanks.

Marie Hanson

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