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Blood drive

Blood drive volunteers honor one of their own. From left are Gail Barber, Stephanie Kresse of BloodSource, Sue Kjome, honoree Fran Mendenhall, Bonnie Kirschman and Pat Carroll. (Click photo for larger image.)

BloodSource, the community blood bank that stages Rancho Murieta’s quarterly blood drives, took a minute during Monday’s drive to honor neighbor Fran Mendenhall, who has been handling child-care duties at our community's blood drives for 25 years. 

Stephanie Kresse, BloodSource’s donor recruitment representative, said 6,000 pints of blood have been donated at the drives where Mendenhall has volunteered. 

Monday’s drive, at St. Vincent De Paul Catholic Church, did a steady business through the day, volunteers reported. The drives are sponsored by the church and the Rancho Murieta Women’s Club.

“Fran is an amazing woman,” Kresse said of Mendenhall, who moved here from the Bay Area in 1987. She didn’t like it at first. There was no Women’s Club and no church, she said. And now she volunteers at both. 

“I still don’t like the weather, but I have met the nicest group of people,” she said. Kresse presented her with a gift bag with BloodSource T-shirts and vest, a gift card, a cup and a tote bag. And there were cakes, in white and chocolate.

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Big turnout for Monday's blood drive

Bonnie Kirschman, one of the drive volunteers, shares Monday's results:

We got the final results for yesterday's drive and they are GREAT!!

Not only was Fran honored for 25 years of service but we had a great turnout and once again surpassed the goal BloodSource gave us!! That's two out of three times this year -   We had the record setting month in January and came pretty darn close yesterday!

We registered 99 donors and collected 86 pints of life-saving blood!  They had given us a goal of 70 pints!  Another incredible number....we had 12 first time donors!   This community, and our team of volunteers are so awesome!

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