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Parade girls

When the parade lined up along Murieta Parkway and De La Cruz Drive,  it wasn’t only the golf carts that sported decorations, as head gear mixed patriotism with fun for the trip down the parkway.

The July 4 celebration sets the standard for all community events, and this year’s set some records as well. The Fun Run had more runners than ever before, the parade attracted more viewers and added horses to the mix of carts, kids, and cars, and the Kiwanis Club served almost 1,000 pancake breakfasts. And the fireworks display that ends the day? That sets a record for spectacle every year as it lights up the night sky over Rancho Murieta. Thankfully, the temperature set no records. We only got to the upper 90s, far short of the record high, 109.


The Kiwanis Club has the annual pancake breakfast down to a science, thanks to its experienced crew of volunteers who keep the eggs, sausages and pancakes coming at the North Gazebo. This year the club served 986 breakfasts, earning compliments and thanks from patrons.  See a gallery with 28 photos.

Fun Run

WinnersAccording to John McNamee, the man who founded the 5K Fun Run 33 years ago and still starts them on their route through Murieta North, about 300 runners, the most ever, participated this year, and 150 T-shirts were given away. The run is sponsored by Erin Howard, owner of the Murieta Health Club. See a gallery with 13 photos.

Brady Guertin, 18, set a record by winning the race with a time of 15:11. Alyssa Glaser, 13, turned in the fastest time for the women with 20:33.  After the adult race, it was time for the kids to compete. Danielle Glaser, 7, and Alex Gonzalez, 10, were winners in their age groups.

Mardi Gras

Everyone got in the act for the parade, celebrating themes that included included lots of red, white and blue, and even the spirit of New Orleans Mardi Gras. See a gallery with 176 photos.

The Rancho Murieta Association announced the following parade winners:

Winners (in no particular order):
O'Conner Family
Sizemore Family
McBeath/Lillich Families
Bastian Family

Honorable Mention (in no particular order):
Darleen Beno
Shewchuk Family
Rutherford Family
Shaw Family
Logan Smith
Killian Family

Winners (in no particular order):
Addison Pohll
Hanna Milton
Marissa Carvajal

Honorable Mentions (in no particular order):
Chloe Garcia
Julia Garcia

Winners (in no particular order)
Carson Reese
Mason Massip

Carnival slide

Just as you can count on summer heat for the Fourth of July, you can depend on the carnival at Lake Clementia to have the coolest, wettest ways to beat it. Children enjoyed vertical and horizontal versions of the water slide, games, and a free hot dog lunch provided by the Optimist Club. See a gallery with 26 photos.


As the sun set at Laguna Joaquin, groups settled in to wait for the fireworks display. There was music and dancing at the Gazebo before the show. See a gallery of evening activities with 39 photos.


Multi-stage pyrotechnics provided all the sights and sounds needed to commemorate Independence Day in fine style.

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Photos from your July 4

We didn't invite you to send July 4 photos this year -- an oversight -- but you know they're always welcome.  Well, Craig Sheumaker knew, anyway, and he sent a couple with this note:

I'm sure you'll get lots of cools shots. Here are two of mine that I particularly like. Notice that from our vantage point on the east side of Joaquin that the moon was included in most shots such as the (first photo).

Do you have photos of your July 4?  Barbecue, parade, whatever -- send them in!  We're at editor@ranchomurieta.com.

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