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There wasn’t anything good about the vandalism of the new Stonehouse Park soccer turf, but the Rancho Murieta Soccer Club and Pleasant Grove Lacrosse Club tried to turn it into a positive Monday afternoon. Standing at the site of the vandalism, young soccer players got to talk about choices and decisions.

The vandalism, discovered earlier in the day, seemed to be from a golf cart doing donuts on the turf installed recently by the Rancho Murieta Association at a cost of about $60,000. The worst damage was confined to one end of the soccer field; there were more tire tracks, but minimal damage, on the main baseball field.

Brad Brozaitis, coaches’ coordinator for the soccer club, briefly addressed a dozen kids.

“We’re standing on this field that was just put in,” he told them. “I know you guys play a lot of your games here, and now we can no longer use this field this year because someone came out and made a bad decision.” He added, “Someone may have come out here and thought they were doing something harmless, and thought they were having a little bit of fun, driving through the mud after the rain, but their decision had an effect on all of you.”

Soccer kids

Brad Brozaitis addresses community soccer players at the site of the Stonehouse Park vandalism. The kids had a couple of questions and some crime-stopper theories about the vandalism. Click photo for larger image.

As a result, until the field is repaired, he said the teams will have to play more away games, and their parents will have to drive more. The league has more than 100 players, he said.

He cautioned them, “As you get older, you don’t want to be the kid, you don’t want to be the teenager someday, who comes out here and does this.”

RMA Maintenance Manager Rod Hart, who was on hand, said the field is too wet to determine how much damage was done. It’s bermuda grass, he said, and it’s too late in the season to seed the area. If we get a stretch of warm weather, he said Maintenance may try to fertilize the vandalized patch and hope for the best, but it’s also possible the damaged area, in the center of the field that's used by the youngest soccer players, will be a mud hole all winter.

Security Sgt. Mike Scarzella, who stopped by as the event was breaking up, said Security will have extra patrol officers on duty for Halloween, including an off-duty sheriff’s deputy.


The newly planted soccer field at Stonehouse Park, a project that cost the community $60,000, was vandalized overnight by someone in a golf cart. Click photo for larger image.

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Seems ideal location for the cameras discussed at some point.

Maybe one at the ETC amphitheater as well.

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There is a very muddied golf

There is a very muddied golf cart somewhere in the neighborhood.  Fess up to your bad behavior. You have denied the youth in this community their sport fields.

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