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The name will change, the coffee will stay and more services will be added when Rancho Murieta’s only coffee shop, MarShaTes, changes ownership this week.  The store’s decor will be changed to an old Hollywood glamour theme, and the name will become Glammer Cafe, the new owner said Tuesday.

The new owner, Teena Ammer, lives in Rancho Murieta with her husband, Dan, and three sons, ages 9 to 13.

“I’m just so excited,” Ammer said. “It’s going to be so fun.”

Ammer said she wants to add soft-serve ice cream and make it a place where kids can gather.  She said the cafe’s motto will be something like “A place where friends meet and families eat.”  She said most of the staff is expected to stay and gift cards for MarShaTes will be honored.

She said she has been hearing “crazy stuff” about the transfer of the business, which has been on the market for more than a year.  The present owners are Ron and Margaret Zakoor.  RanchoMurieta.com members made MarShaTes one of the community’s highest-rated businesses last year, after a dozen years of operation.

"Basically, I’m keeping all the same menu that they had, and just kind of add to it,” Ammer said.  “Of course I’m not getting rid of the coffee.  That was very successful. ... What’s working there, I certainly don’t want to take away from that.”

Ammer said she plans to keep Glammer Cafe -- the name is a smiling reference to her own name -- open later in the evening and offer a casual gathering place for families, with sit-down service at tables, sports on the TV and ice cream parlor treats for the kids.  “I think we need something like that out here,” she said.

Ammer said her family in Iowa had restaurants and as a teen she worked in a family ice cream shop and has substantial experience in the retail field as an adult.

Ammer is planning on a grand opening the day after Thanksgiving and will be training staff in the facility over the coming weekend.

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What a relief

This is a relief to hear. Thank you!

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Glammer Cafe

What exciting news! The Biavas will certainly trek  from Wilton to come in!! Congrats Ammer family and best of luck to you!


Shawna Biava


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MarShaTes isn't going anywhere

Several days after this story appeared, the deal apparently fell apart.  We were not able to get an explanation from the parties involved.

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