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MarShaTes, Rancho Murieta’s only coffee shop, will continue under the  ownership of Murietans Ron and Margaret Zakoor since a planned sale of the business apparently isn’t going to happen.

The business has been offered for sale for more than a year, and rumors about a pending purchase surfaced recently. Customers at the shop were told the business was being purchased by another resident, Teena Ammer, and the changeover would take place this week.

Ammer, contacted by RanchoMurieta.com last week, confirmed she was in the process of purchasing the coffee shop. She said she was aware of rumors that were circulating about the purchase, which included speculation that the shop would no longer serve coffee. 

In an effort to address these misconceptions, Ammer talked about her plans, emphasizing that the coffee service wasn’t going away. The name and the decor would change, but the things that made the business a success in the community would continue, she said, adding that most of the staff was expected to stay on and MarShaTes gift cards would still be honored.

But by Friday, merchants in the Plaza were hearing the sale of MarSheTes was in doubt. When contacted by RanchoMurieta.com, Ron Zakoor declined to comment on the status of the purchase. He said it would be business as usual at MarShaTes until the sale was “a done deal,” and he described Ammer’s remarks on RanchoMurieta.com as “premature.”

On Monday, a handwritten sign on the door notified customers that MarShaTes was still open and operating as usual. In an e-mail to RanchoMurieta.com, the Zakoors wrote the story was incorrect and “our business is still here, servicing and supporting the community we live in.”

Efforts to reach Ammer for comment were unsuccessful.  Zakoor would not say what had occurred.

Although there apparently won’t be a change of ownership for MarShaTes, there have been restaurant changes this month in the Plaza as Stonehouse Bistro was acquired by Murietans Pete and Shannon McKenzie and former owners returned to the Chinese Palace. The sushi bar added under the previous owners is a thing of the past, but the traditional Chinese food menu remains, with some changes. 

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