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This video takes you to events and homes that brightened our 2014 holiday season in Rancho Murieta. We owe thanks to the people who took the time to share. They created moments of happy community, everyone smiling and awash in holiday lights, when so much of our nation, not to mention the world, is angry and dark. Let’s all be grateful for our neighbors and the community we are privileged to share. Merry Christmas, Rancho Murieta. Happy new year.

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How to use video player


If you're unfamiliar with the video player, here are the controls. 

You start (and pause) the video by clicking the control at the left.  You can adjust the audio with the blue vertical lines as well as with your computer's audio controls.  We like to watch all videos HD and full screen.  HD is on by default; full screen isn't, so you'll need to click that symbol at far right.

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Christmas Video

Thank you RM.Com......great work as usual....thank you for bringing a smile to our faces.....life in Rancho Murieta is still the best.


Merry Christmas to one and all......

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thanks for letting us sing on this

Thanks Karen and Ralph for using songs we sang for senior facilities during this holiday season to accompany your video. We really enjoy bringing cheer to seniors every month of the year and know that those whom we entertain really appreciate that we do this for them.
Happy Holidays to everyone.

Myrna Solomon

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Ho, ho, ho. Great Holiday Video!

Karen and Ralph, you put so much work into this 5 minute smile making video but it was so worth it for the community you serve with your outstanding website.  Thanks for using the beautiful Murieta Voices in your background songs and the beautiful kids and Santa for your video.  This is a wonderful community and you continue to report that fact to everyone with your dedicated work.  Unfortunately, I have no holiday bird pictures.

William Gengler


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The faces of the Voices

Rancho Murieta Voices

Thought it would be nice for the RM folks to see the Rancho Murieta Voices who sang the songs on the day you recorded them for the super video feature.  This picture was taken there.  The Voices have more than 30 singers with most of them from Rancho Murieta and the RM Village. But some even travel from the Sacramento area to Rancho for the group's weekly rehearsals at Saint Vincent de Paul church  The Voices sing several times a year at retirement and nursing homes as well as other facilities such as the VA hospital at Mather Field.

William Gengler


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