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Dennis Berg photo

Anthony Wong photoRM.com's members -- all 2,000-some of you -- are certainly talented. Take a look at these shots, the latest additions to our Photo Galleries. The owl above was photographed by Dennis Berg. You can see more from Dennis' gallery here. The little birds with bright red hairpieces, at right, are among new photos by Anthony Wong. (Maybe someone can do a better job of identification than "little birds with bright red hairpieces.") The galleries have more than 7,000 shots of life and fun in Rancho Murieta. If you've got photos you'd like to add, let us know at editor@ranchomurieta.com.

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OMG Amazing photos

Those are fantastic shots, amazing one of the owl...and on someone's roof to boot!  Hope he's ok, seems odd to be there.   The little birds are Acorn Woodpeckers.

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Owl Goes to Church

Believe this owl was on the roof of the entrance to St. Vincent de Paul Church. If this is the one, it spent about 30 minutes there which was unusual for the location and time of day.  Because it left most likely it was OK.  If it was there much longer there would have been a problem according to a state warden to whom its presence was reported on Sunday morning.  Dennis, is this a picture of the church bird?  PS = Anthony, beautiful birds.  

William Gengler


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