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Greg Remson proclamation

Security Chief Greg Remson listens as Board President Jerry Pasek honors his years of service.

When Greg Remson began with Rancho Murieta Security in 1984, the South wasn’t yet built and the North ended at the second Guadalupe. On Friday – 32 years after joining the department, 25 years after becoming sergeant, and 12 years after being named chief – he will retire.

Paul WagnerThe Community Services District honored him at last week’s board meeting and welcomed his replacement as chief, Paul Wagner, who started work this week.

Rancho Murieta Association representatives showed up at the meeting and marked a second night of honoring Remson. At the previous night’s RMA meeting, the board honored him with the carved logo they present to departing RMA directors.  At the CSD meeting, RMA Director Tim Maybee and Assistant General Manager Danise Hetland showed up with kind words and a gift basket.

They thanked Remson for his can-do, cooperative attitude and for the way he left a personal mark on the community.

“I’m sure we all agree with RMA,” said CSD General Manager Darlene Gillum. “We’re sad to see him go, happy for him on a personal level.” She added, “He looks sad himself,” drawing big laughter because he didn’t look sad at all.

Board President Jerry Pasek read a resolution honoring Jack Gregory Remson Jr., who then took the microphone.

“I would like to thank the board, and those before you, and the community for your support for me and the department,” Remson said. “I’d especially like to recognize all the gate and patrol officers who’ve worked with me over the years. It can be challenging and rewarding serving this community, and they’ve done a fine job.”

He added, “I don’t think I’ll miss those late-night phone calls or those weekend phone calls.”

The board voted to buy a brick at Stonehouse Park to honor Remson's term of service.

Earlier in the meeting, Gillum introduced the new chief, who has built a career in a range of security work.

According to his online resume, Wagner worked as police officer in Mill Valley and Richmond from 1997 to 2004, then worked in a security job at Target in Vallejo and then ran the security operations at Downtown Plaza for five years. He headed security at a Sacramento casino for two years and for the last nine months has been site security supervisor at Micron Technology, with offices in the Bay Area and Folsom.

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