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Buy Stamps in R.M.

"The bottom line is, if we have business, we keep people,” Brown said. “Here’s what you can do to help us stay here -- use us.” Buying stamps at other branches “kills us,” he said.

That also means, buying stamps at Costco/Sams Club will also hurt our Post Office. 

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US Mail

I buy my 4 -6 stamps a year locally.  There isn't much more use for the USPS except for metered/junk mail.   Yes, it's sad for the employees, but if the USPS can't be a profitable business, I don't want my tax dollars to subsidize it. 

Bottom line is snail mail is going the way of buggy whips.

There's not a lot of Hope for the USPS, but there is guaranteed Change.....

Karl Gebhardt

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