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Two real estate companies with roots in Rancho Murieta are merging, the companies announced Friday. Town and Country Real Estate, and owners Ina and Ron Semrau, and Paul Frank, president and CEO of the PDF group of real estate companies, said the merger will be complete this spring. The merged company will take the name of Frank’s residential real estate company, PDF Realty.

“With the way the area’s growing, and with the new shopping center coming in, we just felt it was best, for now and the long run, to merge with Paul,” Ron Semrau said, adding, “We’re going to be bigger, better, stronger. Great location. Two good names.”

Said Frank of Town and Country, “These guys have a tremendous track record. They know what they’re doing. There’s no reason to compete or to try to reinvent the wheel.”

PDF merger

From left, Ron and Ina Semrau and Paul Frank discussed the merger of Town and Country Real Estate and PDF Realty.

The Semraus, who have operated the business for more than 20 years, live in Rancho Murieta. Frank bought Murieta property in 1988 and moved here in 1995. A decade ago, he moved across Stonehouse Road to the home he built adjacent to Stonehouse Park.

Frank has headed PDF Development for 30 years and handled commercial and residential development throughout the West.  He has launched a string of real estate companies under the PDF name – PDF Commercial, PDF Realty, PDF Property Management Solutions and PDF Properties. He is one of the investors in the North development now under way.

PDF Realty will be located in the new commercial development – with the Bel Air supermarket and other businesses – next to the hotel. PDF Realty will have frontage and signage on Jackson Road and be the only real estate company in that property, the business owners said. Frank said the move to the new building should happen next year.

Frank handles leasing for the new commercial property as well as for Murieta Plaza.

Town and Country has about 20 employees, 18 of them agents, the Semraus said. Frank said his companies have about 35 employees.

Frank, whose company is presently located in Elk Grove, said they will operate in both locations, bringing some commercial and property management functions to Rancho Murieta.

Frank said the merger is good because commercial real estate customers need residential services and vice-versa. “Our breadth of knowledge and experience in real estate, from dirt through property management, is pretty exceptional,” he said.

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