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The Rancho Murieta Association board of directors set a goal Tuesday to send out ballots by the end of April for a membership vote on the proposed community center and pool. The board selected the community center as its top goal for the third consecutive year at the goal workshop it held at the RMA Building, and also carried over rebuilding the North Gate as a top priority. The directors discussed having a membership vote on a CC&R revision to  allow motorcycles in Murieta North, but did not designate the vote as a goal.

Randy Jenco, chair of the ad hoc committee for the community center and pool, said the business plan for the project will go to the board in March, and proposed the April deadline for sending ballots out to members to begin the 30-day voting period.  Jenco said the ad hoc committee anticipates the ballot mailing will contain four pages of information about the project, including the cost of acquiring property for it. The property purchase is contingent on membership approval for the project. The $4.5 million project would be financed, operated and maintained by RMA members and requires an affirmative vote by a majority of the 2,320 members to proceed.

The RMA will continue to pursue negotiations with the Pension Trust Fund for Operating Engineers for the release of $1.4 million in funding for the North Gate rebuild. Jenco said the board will discuss legal strategy with RMA counsel in March.

Once again, a zero increase in basic dues was proposed as a goal. Scott Adams made the proposal, which encountered resistance from several other directors.  Tim Maybee said increases reflect the cost of doing business,  Jim Moore pointed out that RMA employees haven't gotten raises in three years although "prices go up for everyone,"  and Jenco cited paving as an example of an area where the association is falling behind in its priorities in an effort to keep costs down.  The zero-increase proposal was among the lower-ranked goals on the list of half a dozen the directors developed and rated during the 90-minute session.

New goals included adding a boat dock to Lake Chesbro and redesigning the bocce ball court area at Stonehouse Park since new courts were built at Lake Clementia.

Board members discussed having a membership vote on the CC&R banning motorcycles on the North. "This is a subject that comes up regularly," said Moore. "I'd like to see people get a chance to vote on it."

General Manager Nick Arther said he has met twice with members of the group that appeared at this month's board meeting to oppose the ban. "What they want to do is come before you in March with a proposed change (to the CC&R), and let the board say, 'Fine, we'll let you go out with a ballot to that effect.'"

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This BOD  has the  bit in their mouth and are running full speed ahead like a run-away horse regardless that they don't have any real facts or a survey that tells them what the membership really wants. I have heard and read two figures $3,600,000 and $4,500,000 as possible cost for this project.  With that much of our dues at stake does it really matter what they may or may npt put in the building? At $3,600,000 it would cost each property owner $1551.72, at $4,500,000 it would $1939.65.  Should they get enought votes to approve the project they may give you the option of paying this off in monthly payments, one lump or someother way. Some of the hype the board has put out is this center will increase your property values.  If you believe that is possible in this market place I'd like to talk to you about a bridge for sale.  In 2006 I had a town house that was worth $450,000, today the same property isn't worth  $150,000.  I'm thinking the chances  of my property increasing by what I'll be forced to pay for this center is just a little better than a SnowBalls chance in hell.  If you've drank enough of the boards koolaid go ahead and vote forthis  item.  If you're like me an so many others who would only use the building when attending an RMA ,meeting remember how  many people usually attend meetings and that may give you a picture of what the usage will be like.  I'm hppping there arenot  enought of you out there that you'll be sending me a bill for this White Elephant come the 4th of  July.









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