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The Rancho Murieta Association will be juggling the locations of cable channels in the coming weeks in order to accommodate new channels joining the system, the RMA announced Wednesday.  The first changes will be made Thursday.

Below is the announcement from Paul Venturella, the RMA's communications manager.

Between now and April 1st we will be working to add approx. 30 new channels to the RMA Cable offering. The channels we are currently working on adding include the following channels:

Comcast Bay Area Sports
Hallmark Movie Ch.
Hallmark Movie HD
TV Land M-TV2
Hallmark HD
Cartoon HD
VH-1 Classis
Travel HD
Smile of a Child
The Church Ch.
Jewish Life TV
Outdoor Life
Outdoor Life HD
California Channel
Showtime 2 HD
The Movie Channel HD
Showtime Family
Showtime Beyond
Showtime Next
...and more!

Adding these channels requires some channel shuffling or rearranging. Those residents with RMA set top boxes will not have to do anything to receive the new channels when they are added. If channels are moved, their set top box will automatically find them.

Those without set top boxes (those that connect RMA cable directly to their TV) will likely have to "SCAN" to relocate channels that have been moved. The process to "SCAN" for channels is a little different for each TV make/model/manufacturer.

Typically the "SCAN" feature on your TV set is accessed using the remote control. "SCAN" (or search) is often found by pressing <MENU> and looking for "CHANNEL SCAN" OR "SET UP". SCAN both analog and digital channels and your TV will find and add all available channels to it's memory.

The first of this channel shuffling will take place tomorrow (Thursday, Feb. 3rd) so you may have to do a "SCAN" to find KSPX (the ION group) and KMAX HD (Channels 69.3 to 69.11) tomorrow afternoon.

In summary, between now and April 1st the channel line up and some channel locations (numbers) will be changing or in flux. We are sorry for the confusion but we must do a little channel number changing to make room for all the new channels!

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 The only reason I went

 The only reason I went away from Murieta cable was because the Tennis channel was not offered. We have a fair number of tennis junkies that would love to have the T.

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