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The Rancho Murieta Association board of directors on Tuesday night unanimously approved adding up to 30 channels this year to the community’s cable TV service.  The cost will be covered by the $3 dues increase for new programming approved in the 2011 budget.

The vote was the most notable action taken at the 30-minute meeting, the shortest RMA session in memory.

The board used the results of a phone survey for recommendations to add channels.  The additional channels -- part of basic cable -- will add 76 cents to the 2012 programming costs for basic cable, which will be on top of the $1-$1.50 programming increase already anticipated in 2012.

One of the new channels is Comcast Bay Area Sports, which offers San Francisco Giants baseball coverage.

The board also unanimously approved a contract that will double broadband bandwidth.  Seventy new subscribers have caused the system to bump up against its limit, according to Communications Manager Paul Venturella.

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RMA lists the channels

Here is a follow-up from RMA Communications Manager Paul Venturella with the new channels and some comments about future service. See the full RMA cable directory here.


This is the list we will work from. Adding channels as contract negotiations and equipment availability allows. We are targeting April 1st as the launch date for all the new channels we are able to add.

The Basic package is expected to be over 100 channels and included with RMA dues.

Digital Basic is an optional package of an additional 110+ channels available for $19.99.

Technology/Equipment/Cost issues could alter this list (with Board action & approval) as the contract negotiations and satellite reception work moves forward.

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TV Land

Oh goodie, TV Land!  Now I can watch Betty White in Hot in Cleveland  :-)

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I'm very happy to see that FX will be added to the basic service.

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