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Rancho Murieta Association Compliance Officer Ian J. Hunt is turning in his radar gun and retiring from RMA rule and CC&R enforcement July 9.

“He’s been here eight years. We obviously wish him well,” General Manager Nick Arther said this week. Hunt, 61, said he has had “a pretty good eight-year run. ... I have enjoyed my work and all the challenges that came my way.” Hunt said it had become stressful to meet the demands of his job and also be the primary caretaker for his 91-year-old mother.    

When Hunt was hired, in June 2002, the association had seen a number of compliance officers come and go since the full-time position was established in 2001. The record for brevity was set by a hire who didn’t make it to lunchtime on his first day.

Ian Hunt

Ian Hunt, the RMA's compliance officer, has been on the job eight years.

But Hunt took to the work with an entrepreneurial fervor. He set up a database to help manage the workload and reveled in the variety. Marking his first year on the job, Hunt said, “I bet I have the most interesting job in Rancho Murieta. Every day is absolutely different.” As he prepares to leave, Hunt said, “Compliance has come a long way in my tenure.”

The job will be changing again as the board looks for ways to streamline the driveway parking process to reduce the amount of paperwork and time it now requires.

The association is hiring a replacement for Hunt, but the compliance officer is just part of  the compliance structure. Community Services District Security patrol officers routinely enforce RMA rules for stop signs, speeding and other safety and security related violations; RMA Architectural Manager Mark Parsons oversees compliance with architectural rules, and the Grievance/Compliance/Safety Committee carries out enforcement. In addition, the RMA pays CSD for five hours of parking enforcement a month. Residents also participate in enforcement by reporting rule violations.

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Ian, I am sad to see you go. You always had a smile on your face and worked with a positive attitude no matter the circumstances. You have always treated me with courtesy and respect as you helped me navigate the CC&R waters from time to time. I have a much greater understanding of the CC&Rs, and it's all because of your much-valued assistance. It is much appreciated. Thank you.

Ian, my heart goes out to you and your Mother. I wish you good health, good fortune, and a long life. Take care. God bless.

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Thank you Ian!

We wish you the absolute best.  It takes a special person to handle the complience job and you have been very successful.  Thank you very much for your service to our community.

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Ian Hunt

Ian, Many thanks for your years of service. You have been the most fair and helpful person I have had dealings with at the RMA.

Good Luck and I for one will miss you.

Dave Heltman 

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Ian's retirement


You have handled a thankless job with consistency and fairness. You will be missed.



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Ian Hunt's Retirement


I was out of town and missed the announcement of your retirement. I treasure the years we worked together and always admired the ways you found to make the Compliance Officer position more effective and more efficient. I am glad we became friends.

I hope all goes well for you in retirement. I trust you still have my home phone number because I would like to hear from you when time permits.


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