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The latest rumor in circulation says a lawsuit has halted Raley’s progress on opening the interim grocery store. Both Raley’s and the Murieta Plaza landlord say there’s no truth to the story. From Raley’s: “There is no lawsuit impacting our opening. We are moving expeditiously to open in January.”

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Raley's Interim Store

Last weekend I saw the bright lights on inside the old plaza foods and a large banner hanging outside that read  "Coming Soon Murieta Market by Raley's".   The next day the banner was gone and the bright lights were not on.  I wonder why they took their banner down.

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Banner Still Down

I have not seen any activity in over a week and the banner has not gone back up.  Has the deal fallen apart?

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Banner still down

Banner up today and Raley's trailer parked at loading dock. Yeh!

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