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Pumpkins were smashed on the North and South and there were a couple calls about parties, but Halloween was "pretty quiet all in all," said Security Chief Greg Remson Monday morning.

Incidents reported in the security logs from Friday into the early hours of  Sunday included "a handful" of complaints about smashed pumpkins. "Sometimes they do  quite a bit of damage on the Halloween decorations," he said.

It wasn't entirely routine, however. "We had a car driving down the South throwing  pumpkins out of the sunroof. That's something new," Remson said.

How many trick-or-treaters were out in Saturday's mild weather is anybody's guess. One resident counted 50 children in costume at the door throughout the evening while a neighbor on the next block had only two children come by. Golf carts gathered on street corners as parents took the children to trick-or-treat, giving the tradition a distinctively Murieta twist.

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