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A group of teenagers on bikes is suspected in vandalism incidents that occurred on the North and South early Monday morning, Security Chief Greg Remson reported Tuesday. Incidents involved property on De La Cruz, Rio Oso, Seguridad and Via Sereno drives and the North Course.


Vandals knocked two letters off the Fairways sign.

Remson said acts of vandalism included removing letters from the Fairways sign and damaging outdoor lights and yard decorations on De La Cruz, damaging yard decorations and street letters on Seguridad, knocking over a green waste bin on Rio Oso and tampering with a vehicle parked in a driveway on Via Sereno. Golf course incidents involved dumping trash along the cart path from the 4th to the 6th holes, throwing a tee marker into the street, damaging an irrigation control box and knocking over a water cooler stand.

Remson said Security was notified about 1 a.m. Monday that a group of teens were on the golf course off De La Cruz Drive. Security Patrol Officer Mike Scarzella located three teenagers on bikes who then fled from the area. During the next hour or so, Scarzella checked the area and located the teens, who fled through the golf course, common area and Murieta South, Remson said.  Scarzella was not able to catch or identify the teens. A bicycle was later found in the middle of De La Cruz Drive.


If you know the owner of this bike, contact Security or the Sheriff's Department.

Remson encouraged anyone with information on these crimes or who recognizes the bike to call Security at 354-2273 or the Sacramento Sheriff's Department at 874-4354 or WeTip at 800-78-CRIME (27463). Callers to WeTip can be eligible for up to a $1,000 reward and can remain anonymous. WeTip can also be contacted online at wetip.com. Information received is provided to the Sacramento Sheriff's Department for follow up.

Residents with damages from the vandalism are urged to file a crime report with the Sacramento Sheriff's Department.

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Vandalism in RM

Regarding the vandalism incidents in RM recently, you can also call the Sheriff Safety Center here in RM at 354-8509 and leave a message with any information you may have. All information is confidential.

This type of incident and damage has got to stop....any help or information you may have would be appreciated.

Sheriff Safety Center  354-8509    Leave a message any time of the day or night.


Thank You.

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This is awful, but . . . .

We have seen a steady decline in quality of life for months now. It is getting frustrating because it so far has all been teens who are left unattended or who have otherwise uninteresting supervision. Just last week I watch a drug deal go down in the front parking lot while children where playing at the park. It was in the car next to mine and a group of people came in the gates in a truck and met a teen boy in a car who told them (as he was counting them their change) that it was all fine and there is no way any one could get in trouble as long as they met "behind the gates". Having security is great, making sure that they are empowered to do the job they are hired to do would be better, but nothing NOTHING replaces having involved parents.


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Behind the gates protection?

Jen, that same excuse was what the future x-con used when security caught him and his buddies last summer after a summer night of throwing eggs, using a taser light in drivers eyes, yelling profanities at our security and throwing lighted explosives at a family's home (and being caught on video) .

I say future x-con because I have heard that the arson unit and the district attorneys office is pursuing criminal arson charges. Hooray, and boo hoo. If this group of young people had their back sides tanned while young, appropriately taught respect and manners while teens, they would not have crossed into the very real adult criminal system. Congrats to the x family for following through and pressing charges. I am sure our case will be a misdemeanor and dropped by the time they get through with young Mr. B. Bxxy. 

A turned over garbage can is for the most part harmless, rude, but harmless. What else are your kids doing folks?  Post rewards for vandalism here on this site, you will get everyone's attention. 


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Gate access and vandalism

Was security informed about this dealer in a truck that came through the gate?  Was this truck on a guest list?  Was this a case of "the car behind me is with me" ?   Who has the right to add people to a guest list? 

Guest access should be for cars that are going to an address or scheduled function.  It should not be for cars that are driving 200 ft to go park in the gazebo lot to hang out with other unsupervised teens.  If adult homeowners havent put the guest on a list then they should be called before junior gets them access.  Would it be improper to ask juvenile drivers, or unrecognized drivers for an Id for entry? 

As Jen related., I have seen juveniles enter the gate only to go to the parking lot and hang out in years past.  The hanging out involved several trips to the bushes for unknown perposes. 

Should teens be allowed to have friends in to visit.  Certainly.  Should parents and security know who teens are allowing in the gates and where they are going? Certainly.   Perhaps if residents understood the need for security to scrutinize guests and not just take them at their word, access would be tighter.  Security must know that residents are going to appreciate and not condem their efforts to identify and document any guests that enter RM.    It just seems wrong that a drug dealer is sporting a guest pass on his dash as he deals drugs inside RM.   


Doug Lewis

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Get the plate number

If you see something like a drug deal happening use your cell phone and get the license number and/or report the car's make, model and color to security. The only way this kind of thing is stopped is when the perpetrators know someone is paying attention and doing something about it.

If people don't get involved and if proactive measures aren't taken, RMA may start installing surveillance cameras all over the place, and I don't think anyone wants that.

 Craig Sheumaker

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You'd think someone's parent would be missing this

If you were the parent of this kid, don't you think you'd be wondering where your kid's bike had gone if it was his usual mode of transportation?  Parents, please pay attention to changes in your kid's behavior and actions.  Heads out of the sand, everyone.

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We did that

We did turn them in.  We would never just let that slip.  It is unacceptable.  We can call it in all day long but if we continue to act as though we are behind the gates so we can do as we please with no recrimination, and as long as parents do not supervise their kids nothing will change. 


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