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July 4 parade

Parade participants lined Murieta Parkway Saturday morning.

Triple-digit temperatures are common in this part of the world in July, but even after all these years, Rancho Murieta’s July 4 remains uncommon. It’s a day put on by volunteer organizations and Rancho Murieta Association staffers who work so we can enjoy the holiday.

Happy crowds took the heat in stride during the day’s events. The temperature was pleasant for the morning and evening activities, and even the mid-day Lake Clementia carnival, when the sun was starting to scorch, offered shade choices and water recreation.

Here’s a look back at the day:

Fun Run

Fun Run

The 35th annual Fun Run enjoyed the cool morning hours.

Red square  10 photos of the Fun Run and participants

About 150 people signed up for the 5K run, and Brady Guertin won on the men’s side with a time of 14:46, besting his record time last year by 25 seconds. Jenn Kennedy finished first among women at 21:20. The Fun Run and the children’s races are sponsored by Erin Howard and Murieta Health Club.

Kiwanis Breakfast


Is it OK to play with your food if you give it a patriotic theme? Three-year-old Brayden Carey says yes.

Red square  71 photos of the event and the hat contest

While some were running, others lined up for a hearty breakfast -- scrambled eggs, pancakes, sausage and juice -- provided by the Kiwanis Club. County Supervisor Roberta MacGlashan was among those on hand.

In addition to food, the breakfast also offered the first July 4 Hat Contest. The winners:

Best child 10 and under: Madeline Steel
Best team: Torres kids
Most whimsical: Addison Pohll
Most patriotic: Josh Grimm
Best of show: Anthony Vivaldi

July 4 parade

Red square  52 photos of people getting ready for the parade
Red square  161 photos of participants marching the parade route

The parade down Murieta Parkway was the usual mix of patriotism and fun with a silly streak. And that wasn’t the voice of God wishing us a happy Fourth; that was a sheriff’s helicopter flying over the parade route.

Here are the cart-decoration winners, as announced by the Rancho Murieta Association:

Firecracker – Beno Family
Giants – Allen Family
Army Airplane – Cable Davis Family
Mine Cart / Lego – Blaisdell Family
Covered wagon – Pecotich Family
America – Batchelder Family

Honorable Mention:
Under the Sea – Howard Davis
Pac Man – Spencer Family
Popcorn – Herb Family
Homeless Vets – Don Craig Family
RM Country Club – Logan Smith
Recycle – York Family

And these are the RMA’s kid winners:

Children – Girls

Addison Pohll    
Jaye Wallace
Emma Massis    
Kinsley Bryla    
Honorable Mention:    
Rachel Reese        
Camile Buchanan
Rory Torres    
Mady Torres
Marissa Carvajal
Ellis Pfahler
Carly Rea
Alina Gutierrez
Kate Nielson
Mollie Nielson

Children - Boys
RM Kids Safety Patrol
    Colton Ostoich
    Jamison Hatfield
    Zachary Byers
    Pico Maranise
Parker Sanchez
Mason Massip
Carson Reese

Honorable Mention:
Zeke Smith
Brandy Rea



By lunchtime, Saturday's temperatures practically demanded a little bit of Slip-N-Dip.

Red square  19 photos of carnival fun at Lake Clementia

The heat of the day landed on the carnival at Lake Clementia, sponsored by the Optimist Club. The kids didn’t seem to mind, or maybe even notice, as they slithered down water slides or jumped in the lake on their way to a free hot dog lunch provided by the Optimists. There were picnickers under the trees, and a clown named Keb-Keb kept the kids and adults laughing -- and in the shade. The Boy Scouts did a brisk business in snow cones.

Evening activities


Red square  37 photos of evening activities (including fireworks)

Yes, they danced to “YMCA” at the Gazebo, but then it wouldn’t be July 4 in Rancho Murieta without a trip to the Y. The Gazebo gathering seemed to rebound this year, with a bigger, livelier crowd, despite changes with the gate, traffic patterns and parking. The fireworks were dynamite, as always, this year launched from the RMA's new dock, with a couple of false endings that made the real ending spectacle even better.

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Was that a drone over the fireworks?

If that was you flying a drone over Saturday night's fireworks, we'd love to see the footage. (Drop a note to editor@ranchomurieta.com.)

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Kids Driving Golf Carts in Parade??

Thanks again Rancho Murieta for another great 4th of July.  We sadly missed it last year and were reminded yesterday why this is such a special place to live.  One thing that caught my attention was a couple of very young drivers of golf carts in the parade.  I've driven in the parade a couple times and this is easily the most stressful and worried I've ever been driving a golf cart.  There are peopIe everywhere, the parade line stops suddenly because a little one darts out getting a piece of candy or someone just stops to say hi to friends/relatives.  I personally had to run out after a 2-3 year old boy yesterday from running in front of one of the corvettes.  It wasn't a close call or anything, but i've seen many close calls and I'm afraid some year a little one is going to get hurt or worse.  So what I'm wondering is why people let their kids/teenagers drive during such a crazy event.  In particular, look through the parade pictures at number 98 and 108.  I don't know if the boy is 16 or not (he appears to be close), but I remember 5-6 kids on the cart and no parents at all.   I personally watched this cart almost rear end the cart in front of them when they came by us.  I've almost rear ended someone during this event as it is so hard to not get disracted so I'm not totally blaming the kid. It's crazy out there.   But why aren't their parents on the golf cart?   In picture 108 there is a girl who can't be more than 12-14 driving.  Her dad is next to her at least. Maybe I'm wrong, but if she's not 16, why are they driving in this?  I know it's fun for the kids to drive, but let's not put additional risk for the little ones running around. 

I'm not sure how to fix this other than hoping parents can make smart decisions in the future.  Maybe make a rule that there must be a parent on the golf cart at least and people must be 16 to drive in the parade.  There are people who are judging the event who must walk by each cart and  hopefully they could catch any one not following the rules.  Golf carts are one of the things we love most about Murieta but let's not pretend that people don't get hurt on them and let our kids drive in such a hectic driving atmosphere.   

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