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Neighbor Dennis Berg captured this shot of a quail.

Look around. You'll see a lot of springtime in our gardens, as the sprouting grass and blooming flowers will attest.  And there's a lot of liveliness among Rancho Murieta's wildlife too, not to mention our talented photographers, who share a handful of springtime photos here.  (Thanks to Dennis Berg, Steve DeMello, Kirk Ericksen and Bill Gengler.)


While playing golf on the North, Kirk Ericksen came across this group of turkeys strutting their stuff for the ladies.


Dennis Berg got a shot of this coyote.


These photinia are a splash of spring as you roll down Murieta Parkway.


However fitting it would be, this Rancho Murieta winter visitor won't be sticking around for the Fourth of July.  The photo is by Steve DeMello.


It takes a lot to stump Bill (Birdman) Gengler, but this bird left him without a positive I.D. "Don't imagine many people in Rancho Murieta have seen this bird," Bill writes. "But it resembles a White Tailed Kite (Hawk) which normally isn't seen on this coast. ... It was sitting high up on a tree on Rio Oso, before it saw me and flew away from my camera."


The luscious pink of dogwood blossoms make any garden feel like spring.

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