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Raley's opening

Red square Photo gallery: See 14 photos of the opening

The sun wasn't up yet, but a dozen Murietans were waiting Saturday at 7 a.m. when Raley's opened its interim store in Murieta Plaza. At left, the new store employees (many of them familiar faces) and Raley's representatives gathered on the sidewalk to thank the shoppers lined up at the entrance.

Friday evening, after a pre-opening gathering for employees at the new Raley’s in Murieta Plaza, store leader Steve Thomas joked that, hey, maybe there will be people waiting at the door when the store opens in the morning. He thought he was kidding.

There were more than a dozen people lined up in the dark for the store's opening at 7 a.m. By 7:15, the parking lot was full.

You could say Rancho Murieta was glad to have a supermarket again.

Kevin Konkel, Raley’s senior vice president for store operations, welcomed the 7 a.m. crowd at the door and said, “We’re here to serve you. Tell us how we’re doing,” Instantly, someone shouted back, “Oh, we will!”

“You guys, there’s fully stocked shelves in there – every aisle!” Jeanie LeBlanc, one of the returning store employees, told her neighbors. 

Murietans Beth Buderus and Jan Valine were there with a poster-sized thank-you card for Raley's that they’d posted at the RMA Building for several days to gather signatures.

“Isn’t this exciting? The biggest social event of the year,” said neighbor Judith Embree, wheeling a cart past. Lori Weisser, who has been helping people shop and having to plan Tuesday dinner on Saturday, said, “This changes everything. We have lots of people here who can’t drive. This makes it so much easier.”

Nine-year-old Miley Blough was the first customer through the registers. Her dad, River, picked up the tab for pink-frosted cookies and chocolate mini-muffins. Miley’s opinion of the store: “It’s amazing.”

Raley's team

In the final hour before opening, the Raley's team on hand paused for a photo. Front row from left are store manager Steve Thomas, Kerri Eto and Jim Moore. Back row from left are Tad Baker, Dylan Chavez and Aaron Snider. Chavez and Snider were Plaza Foods employees. 

The customer flow was constant in the first hour. They stopped at the front of the store to have coffee and fruit or pastries – part of the opening celebration – and to chat. It’s easy to forget how much the supermarket is a social center for Rancho Murieta, especially in the winter months.

The store closed its doors last July, when the prior business operator was evicted. But the business had been on life support before that, with empty shelves for months.

That was the unhappy then. Now, customers walked aisles and smiled at beautiful stacks of produce, full shelves of canned goods, chips for every taste – you know, a supermarket. One customer was even moved to happy tears.

Raley’s announced plans last May to open a 35,000-square-foot store in the commercial area where the hotel is being built.  In November, four months after the eviction of Plaza Foods, Raley’s announced it would serve the community with an interim market in the old Plaza Foods until its new store, a Bel Air, opens across Murieta Drive later this year.

Raley's card

Beth Buderus, left, and Jan Valine presented a card signed by community members.

Konkel, the Raley’s exec, said it was certain the interim store would undergo inventory tweaks during its brief lifetime. And they’re already aware of a couple of items missing from the new store – charcoal and firewood. “I’m sure we’ll discover more of those as we go,” he said, “and we’ll just react to that.” 

There are empty shelves with a sign: “Wine and spirits coming soon.” The process for a liquor license requires a certain waiting period after public posting of the application, and that’s in the works, Konkel said. It’s hoped wine and liquor will be for sale in February, he added.

Thomas, the store’s team leader, is a friendly, quick-walking man with what sounds like a Southern accent, though he swears he’s from the Bay Area, He has run a Raley’s in College Greens for three years.

He expects he’ll spend a good deal of time on site. Friday night, after the employee gathering, his kids, 2 and 7 years old, were running around with push brooms, helping the adults clean. Thomas’ wife, Mandy, was working a mop.

The store came together in three weeks, the Raley’s people said – one week of planning and two weeks of work.

“It’s probably the fastest we’ve ever opened a store,” Thomas said. “I know it’s a smaller scale, at 17,000 square feet, but, still, there was a lot to do in those three weeks to get it all done.”

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Welcome, Raley's!!

I was one of the first ones in the door!  Rotisserie chicken ready at 7:00a!!  Ice cream still frozen when I got home!  The Waterman Bel Air will have lower sales now, but I love being able to shop at home again!  Thank you Murieta Market By Raley's!


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Just came back from our new Raleys in RM...so many happy folks, so many smiles....so glad to have our store back again........THANK YOU RALEYS FOR HEARING OUR PRAYERS......WE LOVE YOU.......<3

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Getting the Plaza Foods crew together

Plaza Foods employees

They were busy, but here's some of the people from Plaza Foods who were working Saturday at the new Raley's -- from left, Tammi Casagrande, Jeanie LeBlanc, Dylan Chavez and Aaron Snider.

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Welcome Raley's and thank you Country Store/Pokerville

Raley's, this grocery store helps us so much and we are very thankful to have you here.  Welcome!  I also want to extend a thank you to the Country Store and Pokerviille Market.  I have run into the Country Store more than once for an essential item such as milk, and was very thankful they kept a supply in stock. I also frequented Pokerville Market quite often and they were always welcoming, friendly and accomodating.  One of the managers told me, "we are here for you guys", and they most certainly were!  

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New Raley's

Not sure what to say. Walked in...got a fresh CRAB! (cleaned by meat dept. in like 2 minutes). 2 beautiful artichokes for 3 bucks and a super nice mini loaf of french bread...and back home in 10 minutes. THANKS Raleys! And to all those who made this happen.

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Just got back in town today.

Just got back in town today.  Missed the Sat opening that I heard was great.  No food in fridge and enjoyed going across the street to Murieta Market. Walked every isle and it felt like Christmas.  Thank you Raleys!

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Thank You!

Thank you Raley's. I love the convenience and the sales! I also enjoy the customer service. Last night (Friday) I purchased the last few of the tomatillos for my chili recipe I was going to make the next day. I needed a few more and an employee stated a new batch was coming in early today (Saturday). I went back today to purchase the fresh tomatillos. Thank you! 



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