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Bus stops

General Manager Greg Vorster outlines new bus stop locations for the RMA board. (Click photo for larger image.)

There will be meetings occurring at almost the same time Wednesday evening, and Murietans may have to choose the issue that’s most important to them: Scott Road or school bus stops.

The Rancho Murieta Association will hold a town hall session at 6 p.m. Wednesday to discuss relocation of bus stops away from the North and South gates with the new school year. General Manager Greg Vorster said the changes are being suggested to address safety and convenience. The RMA wants parents to look at the map and share any thoughts.

At 7 p.m. Wednesday, at the Wilton Community Center, the Cosumnes Community Planning Advisory Council will host county Supervisors Sue Frost and Don Nottoli to discuss Scott Road, which is the border of their districts.

“This is a long time in the making,” said John Merchant of the effort to get both supervisors at a CCPAC meeting at the same time. Merchant, a Murietan who serves on both CCPAC and the Community Services District, told the RMA board jokingly at Tuesday night’s meeting, “I just wanted you to come down and, if anything, compliment them on the feat of engineering we know as Scott Road, one of the architectural wonders of Sacramento County.”

Merchant said the Scott Road discussion will be the meeting’s last agenda item, and he estimated it wouldn’t start before 7:45 p.m.

From the RMA Building, it’s about a 15-minute drive to the Wilton Community Center, 9717 Colony Road, just off Dillard Road.

As for the bus stops, Vorster said there has been concern about safety in recent years with the bus stops at the North and South gates, in particular during the mornings, with kids arriving on foot and bike, parents dropping their kids off in cars and morning commuters all converging on the same area. 

He said the RMA and school district have discussed three replacement locations.

On the North

  • On Murieta Parkway at the north end of Domingo Drive
  • On Lago Drive at the Pera path

On the South

  • On Colbert Drive north of Jigger Court. Vorster said the previous location, near the South Gate, reflected the reality of the early years of the South development, but now much of the development is to the east, and that’s where the new proposed stop is located.

If the locations are well received, Vorster said the board could act on the plan in May and suggest the changes to the school district in time for the start of school in August.

Here's a map of the proposed locations. Click the pins to see a photo of each location.

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I agree that the bus stop

I agree that the bus stop change needs to be made, and my first thought is:   Please keep it off Murieta Parkway.  I don't drop off any kids at the stop(s), but I am impacted by having to wait.  To me, the easiest place would be at the gazebo.  Buses turn left at second Lago, enter the gazebo parking lot for pickup/dropoff, and return through the Lago gate.  It's an easy, safe place, and the kids would be off the street.  And no one will be impacted by having to wait.  Thanks.

Patty St Pierre

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Bus stop - RMA bldg?

What about having the bus stop at the RMA building?  At that time of the morning the RMA staff hasn't arrived...well I guess the kindergardeners would go later, so that would be an issue.

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School bus stops

Waiting for a school bus would be minimized if the bus driver would turn off his stop signs for about one minute before driving off. This would give everyone lined up behind the bus time to pass the bus.


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South Bus Stop

The proposed solution is to move the 7th-12th grade bus stop from the very front of the South to the very back of the South. I wish they would consider using the a centrally located bus stop at Riverview that provides shelter, lighting and parking for the 7th-12th kids.

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Proposed school bus stops

In reading the April 21st article in RanchoMurieta.com regarding the proposal to place a school bus stop at the Lago Drive entrance to the Pera pathway, I wanted to express a concern. From the article, it was unclear what measures would be taken to avoid potential injuries and liability given the immediate proximity of the proposed location to the unfenced drainage canal which empties into Laguna Joaquin lake. During the winter, the drainage canal can have several feet of rushing water. During dry periods, the edges and bottom of the canal are surfaced with large rocks. During warm periods, there are snakes. Unless RMA intends to install a substantial fence leading to the footbridge, the potential for children slipping and falling into the canal is more than apparent. I have seen this happen several times. Most recently, I assisted a young boy who was playing between Lago and the footbridge and slipped over the edge. And now RMA wants to put a school bus stop there where the potential for injury would exist several times a day?

By contrast, within a few hundred feet of this location on the same side of Lago Drive are two stretches of undeveloped common land without any evident hazards that can be easily be converted into a bus stop. In addition, both locations are very near both the Lago and Brisa entrance to the Pera pathway.

I suggest that a fence be incorporated into the proposed location or the alternative sites which do not require fencing be seriously considered.

David Monti Sr

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How about Stonehouse Park?

Since I live on Lago Dr..I appose the proposed option of the path to Pera.  It's right next to houses who's occupants probably would be impacted by the noise,  and other behaviors that kids tend to participate in when congregating together.. Why not have the bus stop at Stonehouse Park..there is ample parking that wouldn't jam up Lago Dr. twice a day and wouldn't impact the residents who live next to the proposed stop on Lago Dr. 

Myrna Solomon

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bus stop.

Suggestion for the north might be to have the bus stop in the gazebo parking lot. Out of the way. Kids could hang out under the gazebo when raining or shade on hot days. Umm?


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Leave bus stops as is

I cant imagine how anyone can feel inconvenienced by the bus stops.  They are in safe locations for the kids.  It takes 30 seconds up to about 3 minutes to herd the kids on the bus, pending location.  Child safety should trump what little time you are delayed.  If your time is that important, leave your house 3 minutes early.

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