Little ones find soccer is quite a kick

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Soccer won hands down as the favorite sport among the community's 3-, 4- and 5- year-olds after an action-packed hour at Stonehouse Park Saturday morning. The six-session Little Kickers soccer program put on by the Rancho Murieta Soccer Club and volunteers teaches soccer basics and teamwork. "We expected 30 sign-ups and ended up with 75. It's been phenomenal," said program coordinator Chris Akin. The program runs for four more sessions at the park. Read more » about Little ones find soccer is quite a kick

And good morning to you!

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Neighbor Steven DeMello submits this photo, taken Monday morning, which he captions, "Hot Air Balloon Over Lake Calero, With Women's Club Walkers."  It has been added to the member Photo Galleries along with another balloon shot Steve shared. Read more » about And good morning to you!

They're not pretty, just beautiful

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Turkey vultures are probably the ugliest beautiful things you'll ever see.  Bill "Birdman" Gengler just added 10 photos of turkey vultures to his wing of the member photo gallery.  There's a wing awaiting your Murieta photos.  Just drop a line to and we'll get you started.  Click here to visit the vultures. Read more » about They're not pretty, just beautiful

Growing up in the red-light district

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Red light nest

Red light nestSince 2001, when traffic signals were installed at the South Gate, the intersection has become home to nesting blackbirds every spring -- but only the three lights that face the Community Services District Building's driveway, and only the red lights. Bill Gengler, the photographer who is known as the "birdman of Rancho Murieta,"  notes that the birds pose no threat to traffic. "They look bigger than life because of the close-up nature of the photographs. They do not block the view of the lights from the road, as it almost shines through them, the light is so bright," he wrote in the e-mail accompanying these recent photos.  (Photos by Bill Gengler) Read more » about Growing up in the red-light district

Photos submitted by members

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If you haven't seen the latest photos from Bill "Birdman" Gengler, take a look in the forums.  In this installment, Bill tracks  pelicans visiting our community.  As usual, his photography is almost as remarkable as the wildlife it captures.

Gengler photos

And member Jeff Birchard offers his first Murieta wildlife photos -- an owl, a rattlesnake at dinner and more.

Birchard photos Read more » about Photos submitted by members

RM life: Lunchtime at Lake Clementia, a day in late spring...

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Here's a slice of Rancho Murieta life, things we found at Lake Clementia at lunchtime Thursday. 


Four-year-old Maggie Robinson fishes from the boat dock for the third time in four days while visiting her grandparents, George and Gay Varney. She’s learning how to use a rod and reel.  They would catch a little bluegill (and release it). Read more » about RM life: Lunchtime at Lake Clementia, a day in late spring...

Nine photos: Church services and picnic by the lake

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Hundreds attended St. Vincent de Paul Catholic Church's annual open-air Mass and picnic Sunday morning at Lake Clementia. Read more » about Nine photos: Church services and picnic by the lake

If Tom Sawyer had ridden a bike...

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Springtime kids

There's something timeless about kids filling a beautiful spring day. These boys were riding Saturday afternoon on the path that leads to the south side of the new bridge.
Read more » about If Tom Sawyer had ridden a bike...

The Day After -- surveying the storm's damage

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North, South, all around Murieta, Saturday was a day for cleaning up and surveying damage from Friday's storm. The fabric shade cover over the playground at Riverview Park was found to be a casualty of the high winds. Wind wracked the cover's frame, driving one piece of tubing into the playground surface and reducing the cover to a mound of sodden fabric. 


Stop sign

Other damage on the South included the street sign and stop sign on Murieta South Parkway at Celebrar.

  Read more » about The Day After -- surveying the storm's damage

Photos of the storm damage

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* See coverage of the storm damage here

Friday's wind knocked over everything from a portable toilet on a De La Cruz Drive construction site to a street sign on Via Del Cerrito, but the main casualties of the wind were trees.

The Country Club started out the day dealing only with debris, but trees were hit as the day went on.


Tree on path

By early afternoon, the damage was apparent to anyone crossing the pedestrian bridge. A large fallen conifer blocked the path along the South Course.

Read more » about Photos of the storm damage


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