In a gray day, a splash of color and light

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In a lull between storms Friday afternoon, photographer Bill Gengler found a moment of grace and beauty at Lake Calero.  He writes, “We have been going through a lot and will be experiencing more dark clouds during the next several days.  I took this picture this afternoon down at the lake.  It confirms that although we have had a couple of bad days, we still live in a community in which there is a pot of gold.  Have a good weekend.” Read more » about In a gray day, a splash of color and light

Weathering the storm

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Reports of storm damage Friday morning included a downed tree on Reynosa Drive and localized flooding caused by a blocked drain in the Villas. The tree fell across a driveway and was removed by Rancho Murieta Association maintenance workers, according to Security.  
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A light show over Rancho Murieta

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April's weather went from showers to a downpour Friday afternoon, complete with thunder and lightning.  Cole Zenker captured these photos of lightning at Lake Calero around 4 p.m. The National Weather Service sees the nasty weather winding down this evening with a couple of mostly sunny days to follow -- highs in the 60s on Saturday and around 70 on Sunday. Read more » about A light show over Rancho Murieta

A day for unusual skies

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Ring clouds   Sunset

Rancho Murieta's skies put on a show Thursday, with a daytime ring of clouds wrapping oaks and a sunset that set an oak on fire. These were shot by Bill (Birdman) Gengler. Click them to see larger versions.
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A strange day in the skies

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A shady spot on a summer day

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Sunny horses

Even though temperatures barely broke 90 Sunday, the sun was hot and a shady spot was a good place to be as cowboy hats, spangled Western shirts and glossy horses set the scene for the season's third Summer Classic competition at Murieta Equestrian Center. Read more » about A shady spot on a summer day

Storm drops a gutter and a tree

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The skies opened Thursday afternoon and gave Rancho Murieta a deluge mixed with hail.  The weather caused this gutter to fall at Murieta Plaza, reportedly injuring a bystander who was taken to the hospital as a precautionary measure.  A tree fell at Laguna Joaquin, as captured in a photo, below, by Murietan Cyndi Thompson.  Writes Cyndi, "It will be greatly missed this summer, as it shaded a good portion of our townhouse from the afternoon sun!"

Tree down
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So far, it's a hail of a spring

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Wednesday night's hail, which passed through Rancho Murieta before 8 p.m., could be a prelude to Thursday's weather. Early Thursday the National Weather Service forecast carried a flood watch through late tonight and a high wind warning from 7 a.m. to 5 p.m. The forecast calls for rain today with a slight chance of afternoon thunderstorms that could produce small hail and heavy rain. Winds are forecast to be 20 to 40 mph with gusts of 45 to 55 mph and local gusts to around 70 mph. (Thanks to Bill Gengler for sharing the photo.) Read more » about So far, it's a hail of a spring

March winds fell tree on Lago Drive

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Tree down

The wind felled this tree -- in two directions -- about 8 a.m. Wednesday on Lago Drive.  Underneath the tree is a brand new car, bought Saturday.

A 40-foot oak tree toppled during Wednesday morning's wind and rain, obscuring the front of a two-story Lago Drive townhouse and burying the homeowner's new car. "We just got that car Saturday," homeowner Stephen Peters said as he watched Rancho Murieta Association maintenance crews use a 60-foot crane and chainsaws to tackle a thicket of branches and tree limbs as high as the home. Read more » about March winds fell tree on Lago Drive

It's always sunny in Rancho Murieta

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A storm cell created hail and a funnel cloud as it passed north of Rancho Murieta Friday afternoon. In contrast to those glowering clouds, it was sunny and dramatic at Lake Calero, as captured by photographer Bill Gengler. The National Weather Service has taken a lot of the drama out of its weekend forecast.  There's still a hard freeze warning for Friday and Saturday nights and a slight chance of a rain or snow shower Saturday. Read more » about It's always sunny in Rancho Murieta


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