Monday a snow holiday? Maybe not...

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[Fourth update, 10:05 p.m.] After teasing Sacramentans with the possibility of the first measurable snowfall in more than 30 years on Monday, the National Weather Service continued to downgrade that possibility through the day. By late Sunday the forecast called for a possible snow and rain mix Monday morning before the storm turns to rain in the afternoon. Read more » about Monday a snow holiday? Maybe not...

Cleaning up after the storm

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Rio Oso

The day after a storm roared through the community, residents and work crews assessed the damage and tackled the clean-up. This tree on Rio Oso Drive was one of the larger ones felled by the high winds and heavy rains of Tuesday’s storm. Many more trees lost limbs and branches. Read more » about Cleaning up after the storm

Skies that aren't like September...

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Brief showers and even a bit of lightning and thunder gave Rancho Murieta a September surprise and dramatic skies Saturday. Read more » about Skies that aren't like September...

Spring event welcomes new Murietans

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may pole

Rancho Murieta's newest residents took part in one of its oldest traditions Sunday afternoon when they joined the 16th annual Maypole celebration on the lawn by the North Gate. "They just arrived here an hour ago from Indiana," Vandy Passmore said as nephews and nieces Thad, Noah, Ali, and Jenna Kunce helped to braid ribbon on the Maypole with other children. Pamela Haines, who established the annual community event, provided direction and kept the beat on a hand-held drum. Rain delayed the event from May 1. (Click photo to see a larger image.)
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Rain, rain, go down the drain

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Drain clog

Not everything cleared up when the sun came out Monday after torrential downpours earlier in the day. Community Services District Water Department employees worked in the late afternoon to clear a blocked storm drain on Venado Drive. Security reported receiving few weather-related calls.  The National Weather Service has showers and a chance of thunderstorms in the forecast through Wednesday. Read more » about Rain, rain, go down the drain

A long day for a snowman...

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Sure, it's been cold lately, but who expects to see a snowman standing watch on the corner of Medella Circle and Nueva Court at the end of a windy, rainy day? The snowman was a remnant of the winter wonderland Eric Cargo and his neighbors created by going to Pioneer Sunday morning and bringing back snow.  Read more about the snowman's day here. (Thanks to neighbors Ed and Arlene Wallace for the news tip.) Read more » about A long day for a snowman...

Winds fell tree on Rio Oso

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Sunday morning's winds toppled a tree at Rio Oso Drive and some portable toilets at Lake Clementia.  Homeowner Alan Chaves of Rio Oso Park 1 said he awoke to find the 40-foot oak from his yard straddling the roadway. A Rancho Murieta Association Maintenance Department crew removed the tree from the street.  If you see a storm-related problem, please call 354-3916, e-mail or post the news here. Read more » about Winds fell tree on Rio Oso

A choking sunset...

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Smoky sunset

With temperatures still in the high 90s, and the sky a gray-brown, the sun bids a smoky farewell to the day Wednesday. The region's air was deemed Very Unhealthy Wednesday afternoon due to smoke particulates. The National Weather Service has smoke in the forecast well into next week. Temperatures are expected to drop out of the 100s -- but not by much -- by the weekend.
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Winds topple 45-foot tree onto truck

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Fallen tree
Wednesday's winds toppled a 45-foot oak onto a Ford Ranger truck on 9 Park of Pescado Circle. Rancho Murieta Association General Manager David Stiffler and Maintenance Manager Rod Hart look at the damage. A wind advisory is in effect until Thursday night, with the possibility of gusts up to 40 mph.
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The first weekend of summer

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Temperatures in the 80s Saturday gave the community spring fever -- nearly the summer variety. Some headed for Lake Clementia while others shopped the first Spring Bling Boutique at the Villas Clubhouse. As kids splashed in the water, above, Ryan Kjome caught and then released a hefty bass in the first half hour of fishing with friend Brandon Stomsvik. Meanwhile, shoppers had everything from jewelry to wine tasting to choose from at the Villas event. Delaney Maskovich, 6 months old, waited in her stroller while grandmom Laurie Bowhay shopped for handbags at vendor Natachia Taylor's table, below.

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