Murieta Market hit by overnight burglary


On Saturday afternoon, plywood replaced the glass broken the night before.

A burglar broke the door at Murieta Market overnight, went in and stole a half-dozen bottles of liquor, Security said Saturday afternoon. Read more »

Beware: The 'Grandparents Scam' is back

Stop us if you’ve heard this one before. Neighbors Bob and Sharon Pierson got a call Thursday morning from a granddaughter who was in tears. She was being arrested, and her lawyer said she needed $5,000 to post bail and cover his fees. If the story sounds familiar, it should. It was a scam. Read more »

Who painted graffiti around our community?


The Country Club restroom at the end of De La Cruz Drive was among the targets.

Security wants your help in identifying the person who spray-painted graffiti around the community late Saturday or early Sunday. On Monday, Security said the incidents occurred at a golf course restroom at the end of De La Cruz Drive, a garage on Guadalupe Drive, and possibly a vehicle parked at the Gazebo. Read more »

Lessons on choices, decisions and vandalism

There wasn’t anything good about the vandalism of the new Stonehouse Park soccer turf, but the Rancho Murieta Soccer Club and Pleasant Grove Lacrosse Club tried to turn it into a positive Monday afternoon. Standing at the site of the vandalism, young soccer players got to talk about choices and decisions. Read more »

Country Club says it has identified vandals

The Country Club announced Saturday that thanks to responses from Murietans, it believes it has identified the two young men who vandalized the club early Wednesday and consumed alcoholic beverages. The information has been shared with the Sheriff's Department, the club said. Read more »

Resident arrested after brandishing shotgun

A resident was taken into custody Thursday night after allegedly brandishing a shotgun and shouting at a passerby. Read more »

Prowler incidents reported on South

Murieta residents should be alert to the possibility of a young prowler with shaggy blond hair after multiple reports of suspicious activity this week. Read more »

Murieta man charged with stealing $1,600

A 20-year-old Rancho Murieta man faces a charge of grand theft after being arrested in the post office parking lot in Murieta Plaza and charged with stealing $1,600 from a companion. Read more »

Sheriff's officers tell RM how to avoid crime

Sheriff's meeting

Sheriff's Lt. James Barnes is a longtime Murietan. Click photo for larger image.

More than 40 neighbors attended last week’s community outreach offered by the Sacramento Sheriff’s Department. They got a number of crime-fighting tips and a peek at a new program that could help address nuisance issues in areas like Rancho Murieta. Read more »

RM man charged in attack on bicyclist

A 25-year-old Rancho Murieta man faces arraignment Thursday on charges that he attacked a bicyclist in Murieta North, using his truck to try to run the 50-year-old victim off the road before punching him in the face. Read more »

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