Music, ice cream and bikes this weekend

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Down Range music festival

It was a beautiful, bright and breezy Saturday for the first Down Range music festival to benefit veterans. It was held at the Murieta Inn and Spa. Attendees got to hear a wide range of music and a chance to sip wine, beer or a drink. (Click photo for larger image.)

It’s another big weekend for events. If you like ice cream or music, or you have a child who could learn about safety at a Bike Rodeo, take a look. Read more » Read more » about Music, ice cream and bikes this weekend

The quickest event in all of sports

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Amgen tour

The Amgen Tour of California zipped past Rancho Murieta Thursday afternoon, briefly delighting a crowd of Murietans at the South Gate intersection who had arrived on foot, in golf carts and by bike. As the race drew near, the crowd included some inadvertent spectators – motorists stopped on Murieta South Parkway to keep Jackson Road clear for the cyclists. Waiting wasn’t an issue for the children in the crowd, who thrilled to the sight of police patrol cars and motorcycles. One little girl asked her mother if it was a motorcycle and bicycle race. An advance vehicle prepared spectators for the brevity of the event by greeting everyone and encouraging them to say “whoosh.” And that pretty much described the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it sight of a hundred-plus cyclists flying by. Did you get a photo? Please share it at and we'll be happy to publish it. There's another photo here, so... Read more » Read more » about The quickest event in all of sports

'FreeRock' show entertains Gazebo crowd

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Howlin' Alan BandThe second "FreeRock" concert of the summer drew a nice crowd to the Gazebo Saturday afternoon – more than 50 people before the Howlin' Alan Band had completed its first set, and more people were still settling in under the Gazebo cover or pulling their carts into the parking lot. That first set featured numbers by the Beatles, Creedence, Bob Seger, Randy Newman and Warren Zevon. (Now there's an eclectic set list.) The next FreeRock show is June 23. (Click photos for larger images.) Read more » about 'FreeRock' show entertains Gazebo crowd

'FreeRock' returns to Gazebo on Saturday

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Howlin' Alan will head up a four-piece band at the second "FreeRock" concert, 5 p.m. Saturday at the Gazebo. The band will perform music by the Moody Blues, Bob Seger, Lynyrd Skynyrd, Dire Straits, the Eagles, Creedence Clearwater Revival, Bruce Springsteen and more. The show is free; just bring a chair or blanket to the Gazebo, which is next to the North Gate. If you're curious, you can see a 2014 video of Howlin' Alan's band here. There's a video about the first "FreeRock" show here. Read more » about 'FreeRock' returns to Gazebo on Saturday

ETC's season off to very promising start

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ETC opener

Photo gallery: 41 shots from the event

The people from Entertainment, Theatre & Culture were busy at Sunday afternoon’s season-opening party, held at the Country Club. Attendance, they estimated, was double last year’s turnout. There were nibbles of all kinds, raffle drawings, an opportunity to taste wines and beer (and an otherworldly mandarin orange juice) and, most important of all, a chance to get your tickets to the new ETC season or to volunteer to help the organization, which is operated entirely by volunteers. You can learn all about ETC’s season – and ETC – by clicking here. (Click photo for larger image.) Read more » about ETC's season off to very promising start

Video: First Cars and Coffee draws 66 cars

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Rancho Murieta's first Cars and Coffee took place Saturday morning in the Country Club's lower parking lot. The event, which is being tried every first Saturday this summer, drew 66 cars. Read more » about Video: First Cars and Coffee draws 66 cars

A weekend for biking, food and fun

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This weekend brings another string of events to Rancho Murieta and the area. On Saturday, you can have fun (and food and music) at a baseball fundraiser at Lake Clementia. On Sunday, you can ride a bike on Scott Road and get a peek at the new season for Entertainment, Theatre & Culture. Read more » Read more » about A weekend for biking, food and fun

The 2018 Maypole has all the kids it needs

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The circling of the pole is fun, but even more so when some of the kids are dressed in finery from springtimes long ago. That was the case with Brooke Blaisdell, 11 (as well as her sister, Allie, 9). (Click for larger image.)

The 25th annual Rancho Murieta Maypole almost didn’t happen, says Pamela Haines, who puts on the annual event. “Up until two days ago, I did not plan on doing the Maypole this year,” she wrote last week. It took a call from a mom – a fan of the event – who promised to bring her children and get others to bring theirs too. Read more » Read more » about The 2018 Maypole has all the kids it needs

Maypole celebration 5 p.m. Tuesday

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MaypoleThe 25th annual Rancho Murieta Maypole will be held 5 p.m. Tuesday at the grassy area across from the Gazebo. This annual exercise in springtime whimsy requires a maypole, pretty ribbons and children to circle the maypole, weaving the ribbons into a colorful braid. Since its beginning the event has been conducted annually by longtime Murietan Pamela Haines. Read more » about Maypole celebration 5 p.m. Tuesday

Traversing the trails on a Sunday morning

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Trail Run

While you were working on a groggy cup of coffee Sunday morning, these folks were taking part in a trail run/walk at Lake Clementia. The 5K run/walk and 10K run benefitted Relay for Life for the American Cancer Society. All told, there were about 30 participants. (Click photo for larger image.) Read more » about Traversing the trails on a Sunday morning


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