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Yellow Bridge
As it neared the century mark in age, the Yellow Bridge got a cosmetic and structural reworking in the summer of 2000 at a cost of about $450,000.

Over the years, Security has had three uniform patches, all of them designed by Security staffers. The first patch is at top, the current one is at bottom.

















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July 2000: Country Club members vote overwhelmingly to take the club private and eliminate the link between club membership and lot ownership, a founding sales principle of the development.

August 2000: The Yellow Bridge is a construction zone, as it has been for much of the prime golf season this year -- filled with equipment and workers and sometimes closed altogether. The century-old bridge is undergoing cosmetic and structural reworking at a cost of about $450,000. It's expected to be complete in the next month.

September 2000: The California Wind Orchestra inaugurates Lake Clementia Amphitheater, constructed at modest cost by the Rancho Murieta Association with help from the Operating Engineers' training center.

November 2000: County voters overwhelmingly reject Measure O, which would have redrawn the county's urban services boundary and allowed development of Deer Creek Hills on land north of Rancho Murieta.

November 2000: A standing-room-only crowd hears developers announce plans to construct 1,500 homes in the final build-out of Rancho Murieta over the next seven to 10 years. The developers, Robert J. Cassano and Gerry N. Kamilos, are acting as agents for the Pension Trust Fund of the Operating Engineers, owners of the land. They say the first construction could begin as soon as next year.

September 2001: Murieta Village replaces nearly a mile of wood fencing -- maintained since the Village's opening 29 years before -- with a low-maintenance, precast cement wall.

December 2001: The entrance to Murieta South gets a traffic light.

August 2002: A new entry system -- reading bar codes affixed to resident cars -- starts opening the North and South gates.

October 2004: Security Chief Jim Noller retires after 29 years with the department, 27 as chief.

March 2005: Ray Henderson, the man who transformed a turkey ranch into the community of Rancho Murieta, dies at age 88.

February 2006: Dale Marr, who helped Operating Engineers Local 3 buy the ranch land that would become Rancho Murieta, dies at age 88.

June 2007: A pedestrian bridge linking North and South Rancho Murieta opens across the Cosumnes. The bridge project, organized by the Rancho Murieta Association and the Community Services District, as well as Murietan Randy Jenco, whose business is building bridges, is financed with $1.5 million in developer money.

August 2010: After years of waiting, the area finally gets a new Cosumnes River Elementary school. It replaces the 60-year-old original CRES, built when the area was farmland.

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