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County Supervisor Sue Frost, who represents Rancho Murieta, will meet the community 6:30 p.m. Monday at the Village Clubhouse.  Frost’s staff says her comments will include an update on what’s happening in the county, including Scott Road improvements, transportation funding and sanctuary state issues.

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Supervisor Frost Meeting

If you have any concerns at all with our future transportation and traffic issues, this would be a good meeting to attend.  Try to envision traffic, especially westbound AM and eastbound PM traffic in just 5 years. There will be the impacts created by the JTS Connector  on the Scott Road.  The Folsom Ranch buildout to our North will add 13,000 homes and potential impacts for Southbound traffic. There is a  "funnel" being proposed on the Jackson Highway as Sacramento County builds Jackson into a commercial corridor.  Don't forget the 3000 cars we will add to the mix when RM completes it's buildout. Oh, I forgot about the two rock quarrys on Scott Road and the truck traffic that may (or may not) proceed Southbound on Scott....depending on who you talk to. As I see it, you have three options.  First, you can fight for improvements to mitigate the impact. Second, you can retire and "commute" after 9;30 am. Third, you can move closer to where you work.  It's time to lay some groundwork for our response to the developers' EIR and to the condition and safety of our principal roads.

It would be great to have some of our folks who presently commute attend this meeting. I  am sure Supervisor Frost is anxious to hear from our "road warriors". I have talked with her recently;  I am trying to get some traction on the future and safety issues on the  Scott Road.  She has been most responsive.  Please show up and make your voice heard.

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