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→ See a video recording of the RMA meeting (38 minutes)

Five neighbors are running for three seats on the Rancho Murieta Association board in this fall’s election. At Tuesday night’s RMA meeting, the board also announced when it will hold Candidates Night and the association's annual meeting.

The five are:

  • Stephanie Bianchi, a nurse practitioner
  • Joanne Brandt, a retired project manager
  • James Crowder, a retired United Parcel Service manager
  • Tom Reimers, a retired state worker 
  • Gary Wolfe, a local business owner

Candidates Night will be 7 p.m. Oct. 16 at the RMA Building. The candidates will be on hand to field questions. The RMA annual meeting will be held Nov. 30. That’s when voting closes for the election. 

The board approved nominations to the Tally Committee, the group of people who count the ballots. Approved were Frank Dininger, Mary Lou Dininger, Brian Hotelman, Kevin O’Keefe, Bob Pritchard, Mary Silvis and Dave Witt.

The board also set Oct. 5 as the date of record, meaning property owners in good standing as of that date have a vote in the election.

Three of the candidates – Brandt, Crowder and Reimers – were present at the meeting.

In other business...

  • The board unanimously agreed to pay $71,946 to renew the RMA’s range of insurance policies and $54,937 for its workers compensation coverage. Insurance premiums have fallen every year for the last five years, General Manager Greg Vorster said, adding that the cost of the  workers compensation has come down $100,000 in that time.
  • Except for the parking lot, the Greens Park concrete work is complete, General Manager Greg Vorster reported. The landscape contractor will begin work next week, he said, and he estimated the park opening at sometime in October.
  • Director Sam Somers, the chair of the Architectural Review Committee, took a couple of minutes to explain that the committee approves driveway parking variances only after considering the needs of families with a growing number of drivers and after measuring the space available to each family to park vehicles inside the garage. “We go to a lot of trouble to make sure when we approve one of those, it’s a ‘need,’ not a ‘want,’” he said.

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What Rancho Murieta has to offer

Rancho Murieta is unique because of the people who live here. That is what we have to offer developers who want to join our community.  We have all day 4th of July activities, our own fair where kids and teens can enjoy carnival rides in safety, a summer concert series and so many teams and groups and activities all because of volunteers, donations and residents. We have fishing, trails, a Country Club, golfing programs, golf courses, tennis, pickle ball and more. Great schools, great neighbors.

What the developer needs to offer potential home buyers is a reason to live here.  We need a planned community center with a pool.   Our trail system is unique and the current trail plan submitted by the developer includes many of our open space trails. If you include the Cosumnes River and the community that new residents would be joining, there is no place else in California that offers what Rancho Murieta offers.

The one thing missing on the trail map is the originally planned dedicated equestrian trail around the perimeter of Rancho Murieta. This trail would also provide a much needed fire break between Rancho Murieta and surrounding properties.

The land around our water reservoirs needs a separate letter in itself but the County should see it as an opportunity to save existing trees in a very sensitive and expensive area to develop for the many other oaks trees that will need to be removed during development. The open space could be put in a land trust by the local developer forever becoming a part of Rancho Murieta history.

And maybe PTF could help with the Country Club. They are the reason Rancho Murieta exists, were owners of property in the community for a long time and were the prior owners of the club. Certainly they must know that a small club of our size could never solve their retirement fund problem.

Please visit my website at https://joannebrandt80.wixsite.com/rancho-murieta

Joanne Brandt

RMA Board Candidate


Joanne Brandt

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