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I want to know who, what, when, where, etc.  

We were watching the golf tournament and had trouble with the picture pixalating and hesitating.  It has done this in the past on several other channels and when we call they tell us to unplug and reboot and other such stuff.  They even sent tech out once who disconected a few unused rooms from our old house saying that fewer wires on the system would make it work better....but it hasn't.

Today when we called, the guy says that Greenfield only covers the cable UP TO THE HOUSE.  For any cable into the house and connected to the TV....which is where our problem probably is.....we have to pay extra in one manner or another !!!!!!.  I am livid. He said that is a $5.99 monthly maintenance fee for them to cover the indoor cable.....or we can supply the cable ourselves (yeah right)

I have NEVER heard of any cable company charging like this.  They always charge from dish to TV/ box. RMA and Greenfield worked on the cable in the house before.....in fact, it was probably installed by RMA.  If I could have a satelite cable, they would install the whole shebang all the way to the TV so what gives here????

Can I get some feedback please.

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TV wiring problem


This part isn't what you want to hear, but the business about Greenfield only being responsible to the house is correct. That's their policy, and it's not uncommon in the industry. I'll be pleasantly surprised if you get any help in that regard, but there's no harm in trying.

There is good news. If you can't get Greenfield/DISH TV to work for you, you're not locked in – you can choose another satellite provider. I believe DISH won't deal with you directly (they'll just send you back to Greenfield), but there's nothing stopping you from going to DIRECTV.

I would take the problem to both companies and go with the one that gives you the most satisfactory answer. I don't know for sure, but I believe you're right that DIRECTV would take care of your wiring problem as part of a new purchase. That's a key question if you talk with them.

DISH and DIRECTV are comparable in channels offered, price, etc.

Good luck!

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I posted this same of complaint/question on NEXT DOOR.  The overall response indicates that RM is fed up with Greenfield but has pretty much given up calling in complaints because they don't feel they are getting anywhere. Sure, someone may come out and may jiggle something....but the problem comes back and they always blame us, the customer. Its either the box or our wiring, or gremlins.  

How come my one TV without the box .....on the same old wiring doesn't have any problems.  Yet the big one with a NEW box does?  

Greenfield has money problems and just wants to get more out of us to help their bottom line (can't say I blame them).  But we need to see more for our money also. If you read through all the back RMA minutes and associated items related to Greenfield and Communications (took a lot of time) , it turns out that we are probably stuck with them for a significant period of time.....though I can't quite lock down how long the contract is or if we can break it. ALSO....apparently they put a lot of money into the fiber upgrade but nowhere is it mentioned about upgrading the 'head end' .   I started thinking about this and anyone with knowledge can correct me.   If you have a major company with a network of computers run by a huge server in a room and want to upgrade the system,  you don't upgrade all the computers and cables without upgrading the server? I don't see where Greenfield did 'head room' upgrade in all the info the provided.  On April 25, 2014 in a presentation to RMA, it was projected that at least a half million would be spent on upgrading this head end/data center.....but was it?  That same article says that all RMA cable employees would be retained by Greenfield and yet they all seem to be gone...especially the ones that knew how to keep the data center up and running.

Keep complaining.  Its only the squeeky wheel that gets the grease.

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Optimizing your Wi-Fi network

Saw this today and thought it might help some people

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Yes, cables  from the house connection to the individual TV's can cause problems and it usually is the connectors (corrosion) vs the cable/wires, especially if the cable has been there for decades. For long cable runs, an amplifier may be useful as I too have a problem on occasion with the TV that is farthest from the Greenfield box AND under the old system this cable was amplified at the house connection. Keep trying as there must be a solution.  There are times when ALL TV’s have difficulty with signals and that is especially true at the low end (local channels)

Jerry Pasek

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