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Something disturbing I witnessed today

Hello I witnessed something this afternoon that has bothered me all day. I was on my way towards to the grocery store today and was stopped at the light coming from the South making a left hand turn. As I sat at the light I observed two boyscouts who were holding pumkins and advertising the pumkin sale. Both boys were on the dirt and nowhere near the road. A black 4x4 pickup truck was coming down Jackson Rd heading east and was flying towards the intersection. I witnessed him intentionally swerve towards the boys and made one boy fall backwards but luckily wasnt hit or fall. But clearly shook him up. It happened so fast since the driver was going so fast I was unable to obtain a license plate or description on the driver. Several 4x4 trucks passed so I was unable to see the truck clearly since he was already down the road as I was more concerned about the boys. So there was nothing to report to the police. I was just upset that someone would deliberately try and scare two young boys who were only waiving to the crowd and holding up pumkins. I wish the driver had pulled into the country store so I could chat with him. I guarantee he would have had a bad day with me. I just had to share.

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How horrible

How horrible to witness and how scary for those boys.  It's so sad that we have these types of people in this world.

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Always report

Tim, thank you for reporting this very disturbing incident. I too wish that idiot had stopped in at the Country Store so you could "inquire" about his idea of fun. Reporting this stuff is always important even if you didn't get the license plate or ID because it could possibly be valuable for future crime reporting. Also we residents appreciate the information.

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