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Another golf cart driver in the bike/walking lane almost hit me.

I was walking up Murieta Parkway and I saw an older woman in a golf cart coming down in the bike/pedestrian lane and assumed she'd get out of the lane as she got closer..she stayed in the lane and was going really fast..I finally screamed at her about 2 feet before she got to me and started to move toward the grass. She kept coming and swerved right before she was going to hit me though I could have touched the cart. She didn't stop as she flew by as if she had no problem she almost injured me severely. 

People!!! The bike/pedestrian lane only allows golfcarts when noone is using it for biking or walking/running..you must GET OUT OF THE LANE!! At the minimum, remember that people ALWAYS have the right away..this is becoming a serious issue since it is happening more and more, and I have to believe if its happening to me, its happening to others..


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Bike lanes

Myrna, for whatever reason golf cart owners and their kids have NO IDEA what a "bike" lane is. News flash cart owners, it's for bicycles and pedestrians. I'm never surprised by carts in the bike lane! Stay on the road and obey the stop signs!

John Hein

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