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So yesterday I took apart my oven and had the kitchen a mess.....told my hubby that I wasn't cooking and sent him to the Backyard BBQ for takeout. Best idea I had all week as it was wonderful as always.....hadn't been in months and I don't know why. Between us we had pork tacos, corn fritters, spud w/brisket, chicken ranch club (?) and some ribs.....all delish. I was confused by my desert as I ordered some desert pretzels and I got what seemed to be fat churros.....but they tasted great anyway. HIGHLY recommend The Backyard.....at least for my taste......and you know, everyone has different taste buds. God bless the USA.

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RE: Backyard Burger

Our family really likes them too. They've really upped their game in the past year or so. Especially in terms of service and getting the food out to you quickly.

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