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Helping my family recover from Hurricane Harvey

Hello all:

I am writing this to appeal to your better angels.  This hurricane hit the small town of Rockport, TX on it's first day at 140 mph.    Rain fell for the next week plus.  My granddaughter and family live  there two blocks from the beach.   She lost half her roof, all the  cupboards in the kitchen, rugs, clothing, linens,wet plaster and  drywall throughout. And , of course, all the furniture.  She is back  home living in the two dry bedrooms without water, sewer, or  electricity with her two young children (6 & 10).  She and her  husband, John, separated earlier this year which just adds to her  distress.   Fortunately, she evacuated to San Antonio, before  Rockport got hit, thanks to her mother- in-law. Also, fortunately,  John is a carpenter, who will be able to help with repairs.   He got  the plywood on windows before it was hit.   But now comes the  repairs and the expense.  Of course, she is one without insurance.

Her dad, my son, Matt, bought her a large generator, so she will be  able to have a refer and hot plates to cook on.   But so much more  to do. First of all the roof............

Many of us when we hear about these tragedies, don't know how to  help. My eyes fill with tears with the TV pictures of all the  streets in Houston lined with household furniture and treasures from  the past. Rockport and Corpus Christie got the hurricane force,  Houston got the floods.  Our church in RM had a collection at masses  for the victims of Harvey if you are interested.   Or if you are  able, I am asking for help for Becky Brennan Peres and her children.

I am collecting funds to help them and would most appreciate your  help. A check to me or made out to Becky would be wonderful and a  blessing. Her repairs will easily be $10 to 20,000.

Please accept this letter in  the spirit with which I write.   With  a prayer in my heart for all of you,  I ask for this help--any  amount at all would be great and much appreciated.

Mary Brennan

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