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Progressives for Truth

Progressives for Truth.

That is such an oxymoron! To quote Jack Nicholson, “You can't handle the truth!”

Let us count a few of the ways:

If you like your Doctor you can keep your Doctor

Well this has been proven to be SO NOT true. Yes many individuals were able to keep their doctors but a great many were not. Additionally, Obama care rules have made it nearly impossible to see an “out of area” doctor even when there are life threatening conditions.

My Obamacare will reduce your Health Insurance costs by $2,500 per year.

Tell that whopper to those individuals that now have a $15,000 deductible and whose insurance rates may have tripled.

My Obamacare will insure the currently 30 Million uninsured individuals.

Even the liberal leaning GAO had to admit that there would still be about 30 Million individuals without medical insurance. They are mainly individuals that previously had insurance.

I will “laser focus” on job creation.

How many times will that lie be rolled out before even the liberals (about 30% of the US population) finally understand that that will never happen under this liberal President and Senate. President Obama wants to always blame Bush for any problems he has, yet he can't hide the fact that the unemployment rate went from about 5% under both the Clinton and Bush administrations to over 9% under Obama. Actually, the real unemployment rate is closer to 18% if you count the real numbers of individual that want to work but can not find employment.

The stimulus money will be spent on “shovel ready” projects.

If you count giving Billions to oversea Banks and the “to big to fail” US Banks which then used those funds to give bonuses to their employees, shovel ready (barnyard shovel ready in my view!) jobs cost the American taxpayer about $100,00 per job for the few that were created.

I will have the most transparent administration of any time.

Where to start on this one? Illegal sale of guns to Mexican gangs, IRS scandal, Benghazi, failure to prosecute Black Panthers interfering with individuals ability to vote, secret Czars appointed by Obama, failure to enforce existing laws, stealing money from GM Bond holders, selectively applying parts of ObamaCare while giving exemptions to Unions and large campaign contributors, failing to protect our borders, along with many, many more.

I have to act on my own because the Republicans refuse to pass legislation.

Perhaps Obama should ask Reid why he has not brought nearly 200 bills, sent by the House to the Senate, have not been brought to the floor for debate.


So if you Progressives For Truth can show me how the above facts are not true I welcome your response.


David Fields

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Progressives for Truth


None of the statements you reiterated (from Fox News?) were ever our statements.    When did we ever say "You can keep your doctor"?   You miss our message completely.   We try to search for the truth in the oft illogical ramblings  of the ill informed.

Keep reading.   We are working on water problems in our community, county and state.




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Joined: 10/14/2009
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Progressives for Truth

Dear Mary,

What is wrong with FOX news?

Anyway, if you read or watch anything other than the Bee, NY Times, CNN and the Huffington posts, you should have seen or heard the same problems with the present "out of control" administration.

To me and many others, Progressives are Liberals using another name and in the guise of "doing good" have nearly destroyed the America we once knew and most of the world envied.

To set the record straight, I was once a Democrat (give them an education and they will better themselves without government help) then a Republican (why are we supporting all of those lazy individuals) to a Liberation (just get the government out of my life) to a survivalist.

So instead of water you should perhaps focus on the survival of the United States of America.

David Fields

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