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US Priority Mail. Remember: "If it Fits, It Ships!"


I want to share with you again some important things about shopping for gifts that you will be mailing to your family and friends in other states outside of California this Christmas.  You may have several ideas of what you may want to buy for some people that you plan to mail out this year, so consider the cost of mailing it as you’re buying it.  Consider its size.  The bigger it is, the more it will cost you to mail it (regardless of how much it weighs).  


Our Priority Flat Rate boxes will help you save lots of money in shipping costs if you buy the things that you know will “fit” in our Priority flat rate boxes.  Sending outside of California (and further than our immediate neighboring states) in our Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes will start to really save you money if it exceeds 2 pounds or more.


Try to avoid consolidating many gifts into larger boxes.  When mailing Priority Mail outside of California, parcels that exceed 36 inches (12” squared or larger) often get an unpleasant additional surcharge applied because it becomes a large (space consuming) parcel.  Once your package exceeds 36 inches, it automatically gets billed at a 20-pound parcel rate.  Sending multiple smaller packages will save you money in the long run.   And definitely try to mail the smaller heavy stuff (books, glass or ceramic knick-knacks, etc) in our Priority Flat Rate boxes. 


If you must mail a big box (exceeding 36” of the 3 sides combined) and that you have no choice but to mail it as the oversized box that it is, then do make sure that it DOES reach at least 20 pounds so that you will be utilizing every pound that you will be billed for anyway.  Does that make sense?  An oversized but light 5-pound box going Priority Mail will cost you just as much as an oversized 20-pound box, so fill it up if you have to use that big box.  And if your package exceeds much more than 20 pounds than you will be approaching another echelon of an increasing surcharge.  So, don’t make your large box too much heaver than 20 pounds. 


Our Priority Mail Flat Rate boxes are great.  We have four sizes.  The $4.95 double DVD size box, two medium size Flat Rate boxes (one measures 11” x 8 ½” x 5 ½” and the other measures 14” x 12” x 3 ½”) at $10.70, and one large Flat Rate (12” x 12” x 5 ½”) for $14.50.  Send your smaller heavier gifts in these, and then maybe try to make just one 20 pound box of everything else you want to mail to one address to the mid-west or further.  Plus we have some Priority non-flat rate boxes for more local shipping which would be cheaper than our set flat rate prices.   If you want to send larger boxes as Parcel Post, then try to mail them out at least 3 weeks before Christmas. 


Remember, the FAA says that it is illegal to mail alcohol through the Postal Service.  Try UPS or FedEx to see what they can do for you.  They may not have the same restrictions that we do because they have their own airplanes.


Also, remember too:  Postal Money Orders make great gifts too if you just want to send money as gifts.


The Christmas season is upon us.  So, I hope this info helps.


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Joined: 09/08/2007
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Just a reminder!

If you've got any large packages to mail out (those that exceed 12" squared), and they are being shipped outside of California, then you may wanna consider getting to the post office today if you want to send them by Parcel Post to avoid large package surcharges. 

Even as of now, having confidence that sending Parcel Post packages across the country is less than likely to make it by the 24th of next week, so the sooner you get it in to us to ship, the greater the chances of a possible timely delivery.

Good luck, be safe, and I'll hopefully see ya soon.

Kerry, your local Postal Clerk

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