Save 10-20% on your SMUD bill with rebates up to $650 and payments as low as $90 on new HVAC systems

ALL of our customers who purchase a medium efficiency or higher system will qualify for a minimum of $400* or more in rebates with monthly payments starting at $90 per month* if you choose SMUD financing.  If you're not interested in financing, the rebates are still the same and we offer a cash discount on top of the rebates to save you even more.  We will even show you current real-world energy savings our Rancho Murieta customers are experiencing.

Many companies offer enormous rebates or energy saving guarantees just to get in your door, but the reality is that most homeowners don't save anything near what they are advertising.  Call us first at 916.337.0459 and we will provide the exact amount your home will qualify for and explain how we remove any hassle by taking care of all the paperwork.

Let us show you why after seven years of serving Rancho Murieta we are still the highest-rated HVAC Company.

Josh Barrett
Barrett Services
Heating - Air Conditioning - Air Quality

* Payment based on 3-ton 15 seer split system financed over 10 years at 6.99% APR with a SMUD rebate of $500.

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